This week saw the most dramatic result in this year's World Cup as Brazil were knocked out by Germany in a devastating 7-1 defeat. Brazil conceded five goals in the first 30 minutes, missing their star player Neymar, making this their worst World Cup defeat in history.

BBC Radio 4 reports on Brazil's 7-1 defeat in the World Cup semi final

BBC football correspondend Mike Ingham was stunned by the result, believing like many, that Brazil has long been the heartbeat of the beautiful game. The intangible skill and rhythm of Brazilian football, praised throughout the world, seemed a far cry from this year's semi final. Perhaps the greatest World Cup final ever saw the Brazil team of 1970 storm to a 4-1 vicotry against Italy. Here, Arena has cut together all four of Brazil's greatest goals from the match, as well as Italy's, with the soundtrack of one of the nation's greatest musicians, Jorge Ben. 


The goals of the 1970 World Cup final cut together with the music of Jorge Ben

Arena filmed Jorge Ben in 1993 as part of the series 'Rythms Of The World'. Here is the full performance of his famous track 'Santa Clara'

Brazilian musician Jorge Ben performs 'Santa Clara'

Arena: Rhythms Of The World: Jorge Ben In Performance.

Directed by Anthony Wall


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