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Episode 6 Debrief: Hellooo Number 73!

Ben Rawson-Jones, Blog Editor | 20:15 UK time, Thursday, 9 June 2011


Edna and her gloves were disposed of by Lord Sugar at the end of the Rubbish task, which led to plenty of trash talk on the bbcapprentice Twitter feed and Facebook fan page. Numerous viewers felt that both Susan and Zoe were lucky to escape following Team Venture's loss by just six pounds. "Triple fire! Get Sugar, Brady and Nick all pointing a finger," urged EhMattLee, echoing the sentiments of many.

"Loved @bbcapprentice today!" wrote Kirstybarber93. "Can't believe Edna went totally thought Zoe would go! So glad Tom finally won a task :)". Rae Sinclair argued that "Zoe should have been fired! No clear leadership", while  Rahul Soni branded the failed Project Manager "annoying and grumpy". However, Belinda Appleton countered that "at least Zoe stood up for her mistakes."

There wasn't a great deal of sympathy for Edna. Stuart Burgess gave the fired candidate an acerbic send off, saying that it "just goes to show that claiming praise where not due does indeed not pay!" Chudies also tweeted: "Cracking episode of @bbcapprentice… really couldn't tell which way it would go and for me, Edna was the right choice..." 

The seeds for Team Venture's loss were sewn by their charging strategy at the beginning of the task. Susan was widely lampooned for her amazement that Zoe was demanding money for the jobs, with the vast majority not on her hymnsheet. "I'm not even in the same choir," laughed Wendy Bloodworth Lister.

However, later developments supported Susan's stance and Michael Cullum stated that others "should have listened to her. People put her down too quick". Nonetheless, Team Venture bounced back to enjoy a vastly improved second day. Quoting Mr Hewer, Martrby observed: "Things are humming now' Looks like Nick has been looking at Susie's hymn sheet!" SashaZilla didn't feel the resurgence was inspired by Zoe though, commenting that "no one can be motivational with THAT monotone voice."

Last year's Apprentice winner Stella_English was one of a few lone voices to understand Helen's logic for charging nowt for the removals. "Risky but could work," she tweeted. "If they were really sensible they would at least just charge the COST to them incase it goes wrong". It turned out to be a winning move, prompting BarbieDavis to say that "Helen seems to be emerging as a front runner in #bbcapprentice - halted Team Logic's run of losses!"

Meanwhile, a certain rubbish collecting double act provoked much laughter. "Jim and Tom running = Batman and Robin?!" chucked laurenwaterman. "Baywatch flashbacks!" giggled evfrivett. Your very own bbcapprentice also pondered: "Why is Jedi Jim using a megaphone? Surely he can project his desires directly into the minds of those in Number 73?" Magentamorticia added a touch of nostalgia to proceedings with her tweet: "I'm sure Number 73 was a programme on kids TV in the 80's with Sandi Toksvig & Neil Buchanan??? Lost a bit of love for Jim."

Other moments that cracked up fans included Natasha's analogies, as picked up by craigie_b: "fab @bbcapprentice moment: 'so she got a big plate of blame, and went, 'there you go, fancy a bite?" Rianne49 picked up on a throwaway comment by Melody: "I could see dust in my eyes' - I doubt you would have seen anything with dust IN your eyes."

Although Edna was given the boot, her appearance on You're Fired made many warm to her. Although one garment was still causing an abundance of discussion. As SamPeerless quipped: "Why is Edna wearing those gloves? Is she going to inseminate a cow?!"



  • Comment number 1.

    Why do the girls on both teams "cat fight" every single week?....you don't see the guys acting that way ?

  • Comment number 2.

    The candidates do need to understand their personal psychological balances and especially how they convey themselves to everyone and especially the candidates and their ultimate boss, Lord Sugar. Lord Sugar is somebody who would never want to employ a "bully" even if they are high performers. They would cause huge problems. Bullies do cost money and are genuinely bad for a business. One of the excellent articles I have is from Dr Burch from Auckland and it does convey the message I am trying to address in helping this selection process. I have shown some of Dr Burch's teachings (and I did agree that Edna's sacking had to happen and Zoe is very close too)...

    Dr Burch said his research shows psychopaths really exist in business (one in ten!!) created "toxic workplaces" with bullying, manipulation, sexual harassment, lying and fiddling the books.

    "We all come across people at work from time to time who are difficult, devious and troublesome," Dr Burch said.

    Dr Burch said most people with personalities generally fitting under the 'psychopathic umbrella' do not commit obvious crime and are not imprisoned or hospitalised, but function within normal society - often with apparent success and the respect of their bosses.

    However, workplace psychopaths are generally highly destructive and manipulative individuals with "dark sides" who have no remorse for their actions, which can result in a range of serious issues for organisations and the people within them, Dr Burch says.

    And they're making you ill, he said.

    Victims suffered insomnia, depression, were more prone to heart attacks and could even be traumatised to the point of suicide.

    "Unrelenting stress from a toxic workplace causes anxiety and clinical depression in 30 percent of female and 20 percent of male targets, according to international research. The risk of cardiovascular disease is 30 percent more likely when workers believe their workplace is unjust...."

    Best Regards,


  • Comment number 3.

    ......Dinesh, hideously brilliant, hideously bright and love it!

  • Comment number 4.

    There's a lot of twitter links - why not simply publish a selection here?

  • Comment number 5.

    Strange question but the guy who sold them the big brass things looked really familiar. Does anyone know if he has been on tv before? Maybe on reality tv like shipwrecked? It's driving me and my hubby mad! Thanks to anyone who can help, Loving the show.

  • Comment number 6.

    Gosh, Sugar as a boss! as for the old "you,ve fired" bit! OK he,s done well, but as for encouraging youngsters, well, make your own minds up on that one? glad I worked outside the sugar empire

  • Comment number 7.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 8.

    Dinesh, absolutely brilliant piece about bullying in the workplace. It DOES happen, I suspect more widely than most would care to admit, and unfortunately the perpetrators are often in positions of at least a little power, which makes it all the harder for their victims to deal with it properly. Any chance of getting this Dr Burch in the boardroom? That would be interesting...

  • Comment number 9.

    In this episode contestants were shown raiding a skip for scrap metal. Is that not unlawful? Surely the skip hire company who provided that skip rely just as much on generating money from the rubbish they collect as the Apprentices did - more in fact as it really is their livelihood and not just some television programme. I would be interested to hear views from members of the skip hire industry on that point.


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