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Another reason to go in the loft

David Beckham says that playing with Lego helps to de-stress him after a day full of anxiety and pressure. He gets home, sits down with the boys and builds, and can feel himself calming down. The last thing he says he built was Tower Bridge. At last I have something in common with David Beckham, for I, too, am a Lego fan and I used to love spending hours in the middle of the playroom floor helping my boys construct weird and wonderful models. And yes, it is remarkably de-stressing. I pine for those days, as my boys have all grown up and have other things to do. There’s a ton of Lego in the loft. I must get it out.


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by dave4867

    on 5 Sept 2014 00:45

    Growing up surrounded by Lego, it is quite a comforting fact to know that one of the most famous football players in the world uses it to de-stress. I have grown up with younger nieces and nephews and have spent hours building Lego towers with them. Watching the way it increases their thought process and cognitive skills obviously still works on adults and you can quite often lose hours at a time. A nice story Anne, it certainly provokes thought.

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