BBC Radio Berkshire

Save the apostrophe

Nothing annoys me more than a misplaced apostrophe. Well, perhaps I may be more upset by a world where the apostrophe was outlawed – because I think it’s important. Don’t you? Not so, according to the councils in Britain who are considering dropping the apostrophe from their new road signs. It has happened already in Birmingham, East Staffordshire, East Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire. No sign so far of it being debated in Berkshire, but I reckon we should all prepare a pre-emptive strike before what the National Apostrophe Protection Society calls “greengrocers’ English” takes over the country. Note the apostrophe. More than one greengrocer, you see. My corner shop is a constant headache to me. He is always advertising the price of his parnsip’s. Drives me mad.


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