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If there's anything we should have learned....

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Anne Diamond | 15:15 UK time, Monday, 10 December 2012

2 day fm front door

..... it's not to jump to conclusions - and certainly not to play the blame game.

The story of the prank phone call and its tragic outcome is not yet over, and could become even worse if we don't all calm down a bit. I was quite shocked that the hospital, no matter how upset, have sought so quickly to blame the Australian radio station. At this stage, blame is completely inappropriate. I am appalled at the apparent alacrity of the British press to blame it all on the Aussie broadcasters. I hope they have all behaved well in this matter. I note that the only 'news' picture of the nurse, is of her being hustled away from prying lenses. So I hope photographers' consciences are clear... If everyone doesn't shut up about it, we'll end up with yet more tragedy.

And as for poor Princess Kate, still sick and worried that her pregnancy is safe and well - how do we think she's taking all of this?

Frankly, blame, responsibility and lessons to be drawn from this whole sorry incident is a job only for the coroner at the inquest of the tragic nurse at the centre of this media storm.


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    I will have to agree that there is far too much jumping to conclusions today, with many issues..also there are far too many people who say or do something without thinking ahead as to the possible consequences of their words or actions (and there are those that simply don't care)..have much of that here in this country, the USA..

    As for the the prank phone call, it was totally childish and unprofessional to make that type of phone call at all, under any circumstances (but especially under the the circumstances when the call were placed)

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