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Would you go into work if you just won the lottery?

Anne Diamond's Blog Administrator | 13:15 UK time, Monday, 19 March 2012


Can't make up my mind whether to laugh about it, or moan in protest!

There I was on breakfast TV this morning, reviewing the papers and of course, they're all full of the 12 Corby bus drivers who didn't turn up to work this morning because they'd won the EuroMillions lottery - all 38 million quid of it!

Some reckon the drivers should have turned up for work anyway, and that it wasn't fair on others to simply pack it in. Perhaps they should have thought of their workmates having to fill in the gaps.

On the other hand, think of it. You've been working long 14-hour shifts just to make ends meet, you hear the great news last thing on a Friday, and you've still got to wait until Monday morning to actually see proof of your winnings in the bank.

I wouldn't be fit to drive a car, let alone a bus, with the excitement of it all.

So even if it isn't the best of British behaviour, cut the lads a little slack. You don't become a multi millionaire every day, do you?


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