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You aint seen nothin yet!

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Anne Diamond | 12:39 UK time, Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Anne as she arrives at Leveson on Monday

It was absolutely gruelling yesterday facing the Leveson inquiry. Not because anyone there was unpleasant - indeed everyone was warm and supportive. But because, in the past few days, I had become gradually more aware that I was sticking my head "above the parapet".

That's why I looked tired and at least 105 years old, honest, I hadn't had a lot of sleep worrying about it all. The reporting of my evidence in today's papers reflects absolutely the newspapers' attitude towards gutter journalism and their particular part in my story. The Mirror reports the critical things I said about Murdoch. The Sun reports my saying that not all popular journalism was bad and that I had indeed done some great campaigning and fund-raising with them. They totally ignored the 90 per cent of my evidence that was highly critical of them! The Daily Mail just reported me as though I were some "celebrity", and missed some of the points I was making about press standards - perhaps because their editor has been very outspoken about not needing a regulatory body.

But as you will see from the utterly gobsmacking evidence being given today by some former reporters - we really have much, much more to see come out of this quagmire. I am finding the evidence utterly riveting. I think once the public hear today's evidence from the horses' mouths - the reporters who actually have committed some of these jaw-dropping practices, they may start to understand what the more famous "victims" have been complaining about.


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    I have an apology for Anne. Whilst I do not buy tabloid papers it is impossible in our society to avoid aspects of their content. Over the years this has given me an impression of Anne and her relationship with those papers and I am afraid that I had put her down as someone choosing to live a life open to a gawping readership. Having watched the Leveson Inquiry I must say "Sorry" for my stupid mistake. Anne is no longer one of my 'people to avoid listening to' - rather she is someone who is to be congratulated for her bravery in risking the wrath of powerful people in the hope of reducing the damage they may do to others in the future.
    Sorry and thanks.


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