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The Walliams effect!

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Anne Diamond | 15:17 UK time, Friday, 9 September 2011

David Walliams in the Thames

I remember when my dad (who flew Spitfires ) first flew in a helicopter. He was beaming all over his face because, he said, it was an entirely different experience from flying in a plane. He said it was like watching a map unfold beneath you.

That's exactly the feeling I've had this morning, while doing my radio show, and following the amazing David Walliams swim of the Thames. At the moment, he's swimming through Berkshire and, as he's passed through villages, locks and pub gardens, I've been chatting to people who've turned out to see him - from Caversham bridge earlier on, through Shiplake, and onto Henley. It has given me a real sense of the whole geography of our area - just like seeing a satellite map in your head!

Well done, Walliams - keep going! He'll soon be crawling past some very posh people's back gardens - from Rolf Harris (who called in this morning to ask when he should put on the kettle to make David a cuppa) to Parky, and Paul Daniels.


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