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Check out the by- line....

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Anne Diamond | 16:46 UK time, Thursday, 7 July 2011

Next week sees a very poignant and sad anniversary for me and my family. It'll be the twentieth anniversary of the day my baby son died of cot death - a death which ultimately sparked the life-saving Back To Sleep campaign. On Friday, I'll be telling the story for the first time to BBC Radio Berkshire, in a special hour of conversation with Andrew Peach from midday.

I'm preparing a special article for next week's papers, too - in particular, The Sun, with which I joined forces to launch a fund raising appeal that ultimately made several hundred thousand pounds for research.

It was a strange and uncomfortable relationship. Until then, The Sun had been one of my worst nightmares - a newspaper which had always relished in pursuing me and producing some pretty horrid headlines about me. But they wanted to do something for cot death, they were the biggest paper of the time, and I knew it could work. So I agreed to work with them.

During my research just in the last few weeks, I came across a box of old cuttings - and among them were the front pages from that dreadful week 20 years ago. There was The Sun. And just look at the byline - the name of the reporter who wrote the story. If you can't quite make it put from my blurred pic, it reads "Andy Coulson". So that's what he was up to 20 years ago. Wonder where he'll be next week.



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