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Sony nominated for Speech Broadcaster of the Year!

Anne Diamond | 11:00 UK time, Thursday, 31 March 2011

juggling clown

You'd think I was too long in the tooth to get excited over such a thing, but I am well and truly chuffed at being nominated - because it's a very prestigious award! There I was, crawling all over the floor of my dining room helping my son cut out his GCSE art pictures for sticking into his scrap book, and I suddenly got a flurry of texts from colleagues in the media - and I wondered what it was all about.

Later this morning, I was meant to be on the BBC Radio Berkshire breakfast show talking about it, when my son flew back inside the front door and gasped: "I missed the bus!" Now this is a very serious issue in the Diamond family - catching the school bus. Cos if you miss it, the rest of the day falls into chaos. So off we flew together in the car, to chase the bus down the road. I totally forgot my phone, and so Andrew Peach was left hanging on there, with empty airtime where I should have been. Domestic chaos rules at times like this!!

And that's when I realised - trying to run a career of your own is one thing, and I'm hugely lucky to have had a terrific career in broadcasting, with some magnificent lucky breaks and opportunities. At the same time, undoubtedly my biggest achievement of all has been having, and still running, a family. But juggling the two, while it's often stressful and really, really hard, is what I truly enjoy. It made me smile this morning when I suddenly realised I'd left a colleague literally (well?) up in the air whilst I was madly chasing a school bus, and cramming a breakfast bacon baguette into my son's school bag.

Congrats also to the BBC Berkshire team who made: "Warning: May Contain Nuts!" because that has been nominated in another category.

And huge thanks to my team at Berks. Go us.

Alright, I know we've only been nominated - but frankly, that's what matters.


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