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All I want for Christmas!

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Anne Diamond | 12:00 UK time, Thursday, 16 December 2010

Is an ear trumpet.

I reckon I need one. I have worn a TV earpiece over so many years that I think I've gone a bit deaf in one ear. I actually find I can improve my hearing HUGELY if I put both hands behind my ears, Dumbo like!

Well, this week I was chatting to audiologist Dr Rachel McCarthy from the Royal Berks and she told me that the old fashioned ear trumpet (or cupping your hands behind your ears) is indeed a very effective way of helping yourself hear, if you are suffering very slight hearing loss - because it helps focus the sound. Apparently what I've got is presbyacusis. Aagh! Sounds dreadful but its actually just age related hearing loss. (Presbyacusis occurs in both ears and affects over half of all people over 60 years old, making it the second most common cause of disability in older people).

And I thought it was the kids mumbling! I'll have to apologise when I get home!


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