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Hi to my Mum and everyone else who's online for the first time ever!

Anne Diamond | 12:00 UK time, Friday, 26 November 2010

Anne on Friday

Hi there! This is a big hello to everyone who's new to the internet and is exploring what's available.

Especially my Mum.

She's got a smashing new computer, and yesterday me and my sisters worked really hard to get her online.

It should have been simple - but things like computers and cars never are, are they? I spent ages talking to a technical helpline somewhere in Mumbai which was about as useful as a chocolate coffee pot. In the end the "connectivity problem" was solved by my sister and me crawling around the floor, chasing cables, and switching things on and off until - hey presto - the right little lights started to blink on and off, and everything started working!

Now it's so exciting. When you go online, a whole new world opens up. I left my Mum last night, fascinated by You Tube and setting up her Facebook page !!!! Ain't life wonderful?


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