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Why my rose blooms in Australia!

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Anne Diamond | 14:11 UK time, Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Years ago, I had a rose named after me at the Chelsea Flower Show. It was a peach coloured beauty with a soft scent - and it was hugely flattering at the time - although every year, a zillion "celebrity roses" are named, and you wonder what happens to them, don't you?

When my rose was named, my proud dad bought up a load of them and planted them in the front garden. They looked wonderful for a couple of years, but then, as he put it, "they reverted to dog roses!" So, in the end, they were dug up and replaced with something else. Since then, I've wondered whether these "celebrity roses" are always dying off after a while, to make way for new flowers and new celebrities!

So imagine my shock when I found evidence that the Anne Diamond rose is still alive and well in Australia! I was Googling my name the other day, to look for a picture of me for a presentation I was doing aboard a cruise ship...(Hi to everyone from the Arcadia, by the way!)...and I found this picture which had been uploaded by a photographer in Australia.


Well, today one of my guests on the programme was Rosemary Hardy, who's an award winning horticulturist from Whitchurch in Hampshire. She said that lots of British roses do better in Australia; because of the way they are bred, they often fare better in hot, dry climates. She wasn't a bit surprised to hear that, while my rose has clearly had its day in the UK, it is still doing well down under. I wonder what's happened to the Selina Scott, the Felicity Kendal or the Joanna Lumley?


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