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Button deserves credit for rearguard fight

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Andrew Benson | 16:05 UK time, Sunday, 27 September 2009

Jenson Button might have finished only fifth in the Singapore Grand Prix, but Sunday's race confirmed the impression that this year's world championship trophy already has his name written on it.

Yet again, Brawn and Button had a tricky weekend, qualifying in the middle of the grid, and yet again their major title rivals failed to take advantage of their problems.

Instead, Button drove another excellent race to finish fifth, actually gaining a point on his closest title rival, his team-mate Rubens Barrichello, and losing only one to Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull. With a 15-point advantage over Barrichello and 25 points on Vettel with only three races to go, Button is now an even stronger favourite for the championship than before.

In many ways, Vettel's race summed up the season so far, in that with Button vulnerable and others in a great position to take serious advantage of the Englishman's difficulties, it was Vettel who cracked, and Button who engaged in a successful exercise in damage limitation.

Chasing Lewis Hamilton for the win, Vettel made a beginner's error in breaking the pit-lane speed limit when he came in for this second stop, a mistake that dropped him from a certain second place, and a shot at the win, to fourth.

Exacerbating that first error, he then ran wide over a kerb shortly afterwards, badly damaging his car's diffuser and affecting its pace.

Barrichello was less to blame for his failure to make up ground on Button. He did what could be expected of him by qualifying fifth, seven places ahead of his team-mate, but the need to change his gearbox earned him a five-place penalty and put him within range of Button in the race.

From there, Button did what he has done so many times this year - he drove flawlessly and beat his team-mate despite seemingly starting the race in a weaker position.

jesnoncrowdafp595.jpgButton produced another excellent exercise in damage limitation in Singapore

It is this kind of smooth, error-free drive, making the best of the situation, that has been the foundation of Button's season.

At the start of the year, it won him six races out of seven as the other teams set about updating their cars to catch up with the flying Brawns. Since then, he has been on the back foot, but rare has been the race when Button has not got the most out of whatever car he has been given.

In fact, only two grands prix fall into that category. In Valencia, he struggled to seventh as his team-mate won, and at Spa he qualified 14th when Barrichello was fourth, and Button got taken out by Romain Grosjean's Renault on the first lap.

There are those who are beginning to question whether Button deserves the championship, particularly if he does not win another race. They accuse him of basically backing into the title having had a sort of unfair advantage with a superior car in the first third of the season.

I think that is a ridiculous charge, and I'm not the only one. Martin Brundle shares that view, and so does 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve, who had his own mid-season lull in his championship year.

Speaking on the BBC's post-race red button forum, the Canadian said: "It won't (devalue the title if Button doesn't win again), because he had amazing races early in the season and he doesn't get flustered. Maybe he had a dip and drove two tenths slower but nothing gets to him. And it's almost harder when you have a big lead because you start driving defensively."

It should be remembered that while Button had that virtually flawless start to the season, scoring 66 out of a possible 70 points in the first seven races, Barrichello, in the same car, scored 'only' 37, finishing second to Button three times, fourth once, and fifth twice on top of the gearbox failure that caused him to retire in Turkey.

For his part, Vettel has simply made too many mistakes, crashing out in Australia and Monaco, making a first-lap error that cost him the lead - and probably a win - in Turkey, and then those faux-pas in Singapore.

A championship is about putting together the best possible season over all the races, and it is about being in the right car at the right time.

No driver goes through a year without having a bit of a dip - it's just more obvious when someone is leading the championship.

And looked at as a whole, which driver has definitively driven a better season than Button in 2009? Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, possibly, but their cars have not allowed them to be in the title fight this year.

One final point, too. Had F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone got his way earlier this year and been successful in introducing his wins-based championship scoring system, Button would already be world champion.

He has scored six victories. No other driver has more than two, so with three races to go, no driver can now win more races than Button.

Personally, I hope Ecclestone's idea is never adopted, but regardless of the scoring system, it is hard to argue with the driver who has won most races in a season being the most deserving world champion.


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  • Comment number 1.

    Jenson has again avoided a potentially disasterous race and it looks more and more likely he will take this very contravertial championship

  • Comment number 2.

    If Button wins this year, I don't think he will be unworthy. But I do think he will have been very lucky. If Rubens hadn't had to take a 5-place penalty on the grid, things might have been quite different today and we'd be talking about a closer title fight.

  • Comment number 3.

    Poor Blog

  • Comment number 4.

    Button has done the job when it mattered.... On the Sundays, I can't think of more than one race where he has gone backwards. Yes he may have messed up qualifying a few times, but in the races that he hasn't been taken out (once), and been over cautious into the 1st corner (once) he has made the best out of the sorry mess he has landed himself and been near fault free.

    Will he be a deserving champion, if he doesn't win another race.... of course he will!

  • Comment number 5.

    3. At 4:54pm on 27 Sep 2009, eau_rouge_08 wrote:

    Poor Blog

    Poor post?

  • Comment number 6.

    Re the Ecclestone system, Nobody would have been interested in the races since Silverstone with Button having won 6 out of 8 and even less so with the different winners since. This is just more of Bernie saying out loud what he has no intention of doing

  • Comment number 7.

    A very odd, but good and interesting season of F1. I dont really admire Button's mindset and strength as the season has progressed. He seems to have gotten arogant e.g. it's always the cars fault when he makes mistakes i.e. in qualy yesterday. Having said this, his early performances this year will eventually lead to him winning the championship, although I do not consider him to be a championship winning driver by any means, but Brawn's supieriority at the early tracks gave him the advantage, and confidence as well as a heap of luck took him away from Rubens.

  • Comment number 8.

    What about the race where Button won but only got 5 points because of the rain. That would be another point ahead if he would have got full ten points.

    I personally think Button fully deserves the title, and Vettel certainly doesnt deserve it.

  • Comment number 9.

    I don't know why lostin50 thinks this is a contraversional championship if Button wins it. If anything, Button should be slightly further ahead if the China race points weren't cut in half.

    Also, of course Button deserves credit to win the championship. Of course he will deserve it! So he's not romping to the title? Like.. if Button doesn't deserve it... then who does deserve it then? Only because Button has had a stuttering spell... its easy to forget that his rivals have also been stuttering... even more so... so then his rivals deserve the championship even less.

    Also.. one other BIG point. Jenson has won 6 races... his closest rivals have won, at most, 2 races. That says it all if you want to know who deserves the title... as the article pointed out... although rather blatently as its last point.... just get to the point.

  • Comment number 10.

    Button will be the most undeserving champion EVER if he wins. He's only ahead because his car was far, far better than everyone else's for the first 7 races. Now that everybody has caught up, carwise, it's glaring to see what a mediocre driver he really is.
    If he wins, he'll just thank his lucky stars that his engineers were able to pull a fast one on all the other teams playing fast and loose with the regs (not that there's anything wrong with that). They would have won him the championship, not his "skills"

  • Comment number 11.

    Am I right in thinking Button's lead is effectively 16 pts? He has more wins than anyone can acheive now on countback. Therefore Rubens (for example) has to make up 16 points on Jenson to win the WDC.

  • Comment number 12.

    Button was lucky today, as repeatedly pointed out in commentary and by James Allen on his blog. However, when he had the chance to overtake Rubens and Heikki he took it.
    It was JB's fault that he was in that situation in the first place, of course.
    If Rubens hadn't had trouble at the start 3 times and 2 gearbox change penalties, the odds are the title race would be a lot closer and the pressure on both drivers that much greater.

  • Comment number 13.


    Barrichello was also in the same car for the 1st 7 races so based on your theory he also doen't merit an F1 crown.

  • Comment number 14.

    Let's not forget, that Button suffered 3 unusually cool races this summer, when the Brawn was found to seriously under-perform in lower temperatures. Barrichello was much less affected, because he works his tyres harder. If those 3 races hadn't been so cold, Button may well have wrapped up the title already.

  • Comment number 15.

    Button would definately deserve the title if he won it, its as simple as whoever scores the most points in the title race deserves to win it. Even if button doesn't score another win he has 6 wins which is the same amount that hamilton got last year, if you include Spa, and kimi got the year before.

    Also get your facts right, Button scored 61 out of a possible 65 points at the start of the season

  • Comment number 16.

    To everyone who thinks Jenson is an undeserving WDC: Explain WHY the man who has won the most races, kept a 15 point lead and could win the WDC with two races to go is undeserving?

    Really, because I'd LOVE to know where your reasoning comes from.

  • Comment number 17.

    "Button will be the most undeserving champion EVER if he wins. He's only ahead because his car was far, far better than everyone else's for the first 7 races."

    There have been plenty of drivers in the past who have won the championship due to the fact they have had superior cars....
    Mario Andretti
    Nigel Mansell
    Jacques Villeneuve
    Damon Hill name a few....

    Also, bear in mind Button's team mate... someone who has pushed a certain M.Schumacher very close in the past, when in the same car...enough said. Jenson, you fully deserve the title this year, good luck for the remaining 3 races.

  • Comment number 18.

    10. At 5:07pm on 27 Sep 2009, napiertt wrote:
    Button will be the most undeserving champion EVER if he wins. He's only ahead because his car was far, far better than everyone else's for the first 7 races. Now that everybody has caught up, carwise, it's glaring to see what a mediocre driver he really is.

    No different than the great micheal schumaker, he only won because he had the best car at that time and of course team orders that Rubens Barrichello which had to had over the win to him, please don't forget that!

  • Comment number 19.

    At the end of the day BOTH he and Barrichello had the same car for the first 7 races, difference is Jenson did the winning. None of the others deserve it at the end of the day he won six times (so far) more than Lewis last year and the same as Kimi the year before. If you switched the calender back to front everybody would be singing a different tune. Realistically only Lewis, Fernando and Rosberg can claim to have had better seasons.

  • Comment number 20.

    There is no driver on the Grid more deserving than Button, as mentioned no-one else has won more than 2 races! Does anyone honestly think that someone winning 2 races out of 14 should be world champ? they need their head examined!

    Even if someone goes on to win the next 3 Button will still have won more, and unless that person is Reubans, then they still won't get the WDV unless Button gets at least 2 DNF, in fact, say if Hamilton were to win them he would effectivly hand the WDC to Button (in all probability) but even then Hamilton wouldn't deserve it for 3 reasons - A being so awful the first 1/2 of the season, B Lying to stewards (ie cheating!) C His poor attitude when for the first races he was in his career he was not in the fastest car! Button has worked hard his entire career, he's driven some awful cars, and has finally taken his chance, and while I'd love to see him get one more win, I believe he's allready done more than enough!

  • Comment number 21.

    I agree with the general sentiment of this entry, I think Button's driven consistently well in the races, more so than any of the other contenders. The key I suppose is "in the races", namely on Sunday, when the points are awarded, he's driven well which is why he's up there. At the beginning of the season he also qualified well and so made the driving well less important and needed to do little other than maintain position. As he and the team have struggled more of late, he's found himself in worse positions, but Valencia and Spa excepted, he's always driven up the grid and maximised on race day, today being a typical example of his last six or seven races, where his good driving, with no mistakes, enabled him to make up several places, even with the Safety Car ruining his strategy. The only one of those places which was down to luck was Rosberg. In contrast, Vettel and Webber fell back, as they have done too often this season.

    Vettel has made too many mistakes of his own doing, and Webber has been oddly downturned in form at the end of the season, without ever having much of a run of good form (two races, in effect). Barrichello is driving well at this part of the season, but never took advantage of the car, and had way too many off days, earlier on in the season. He's only comprehensively outclassed Button twice at best this season. So out of the top 4, Button deserves it the most, I think.

    Hamilton and Alonso are also mentioned. Hamilton was a bit sulky earlier on and I think it took him a while to get used to not driving at the front, and I'm sure he didn't get as much as he could have out of the car when it was midfield. But Germany onwards he's driven very well indeed.

    It's hard to tell with Alonso as the car was all over the place in terms of quality, sometimes it appeared decent and sometimes terrible, and his team-mates were nowhere so it's hard to judge where he could be, but I suspect he was pretty near the maximum most of the time.

  • Comment number 22.

    Button is the most deserving of the drivers in the title hunt this season, he has driven much better at the start and has picked up odd points where he needed to. Barrichello is the only other who has been consistent enough or brilliant enough to challenge him and if he wins it from here he'll definitely be a deserving champion. Vettel has made errors, Webber has made some mistakes and had some bad luck too. Not sure in what sense Hamilton has had a great season, his McLaren has been among the front runners for some time and despite 2 wins hasn't really been very consistent. He isn't even ahead of Raikkonen in the points who hasn't been all that good either. Alonso has probably got the best out of his car this season but you can't compare him to Button as he has been driving under no pressure whatsoever and even within the team has no real benchmark for comparison.

    There is no doubt that Button will not be given the praise he probably deserves and that is because he just isn't in the top tier of drivers and is the least talented champion since I've been watching the sport. He will do very well to win a world championship (which I believe he will) and has taken full advantage of what is probably his only opportunity to win one. He will be a deserving champion but not a great one.

  • Comment number 23.

    It really annoys me to read comments suggesting that Jenson was only leading the championship because had had a car advantage and now that he doesn't he's a mediocre driver. Yes the Brawn was the best car at the start of the year (good on the team for best interpreting the regulations) and there is no doubt that it suited Jenson's style of driving more than Rubens'. The mid-season revisions appear to favour a more aggressive style of driving which is, I believe, why Rubens has come back into the frame and why Jenson has struggled in qualifying.

    As my old Autosport colleague Andrew Benson has rightly pointed out, however, Jenson has always got the best from what was available to him while his rivals have most certainly not. So on that basis he will be a worthy champion.

    And thank heaven that Bernie's scoring system was not adopted. Isn't it better that we still have the possibility of a final race showdown rather than a championship which, but for one more race win earlier in the year, would have been over by mid-season?

  • Comment number 24.

    I really get annoyed with this Button is not a deserving champion stuff - if you reverse the results and Button had started slowly and come back with a six wins in last seven races everyone would have been describing him as a great champion.

    As mentioned this is a long season of 17 races and the world champion is the driver with the most points crossing the finishing line of the final race.

    Personally I am very glad that other teams have got their act together and become competative - how many seasons can you remember where so many drivers could win a race then go to the next round and find completely different drivers and teams competing for the win - long may it continue!

  • Comment number 25.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 26.

    There can be no doubt that Button will be a deserving champion.

  • Comment number 27.

    Mr Benson what are you on about? Another poor piece for the bandwagon riders to feed on.

    "Button deserves credit"? "Beat his teammate"? You don't honestly believe that I'm sure, you have all the information. BUTTON HAS BEEN SLOWER THAN BARICHELLO IN EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND SINCE SILVERSTONE. I make that seven gp's. Barichello isn't exactly the best driver on the grid. Today he fluked his way ahead of him once more purely because of the 5 place drop. 2 places between them instead of 7 and choosing his own fuel. And still despite that only just about, needing a sc and another mystery stall in the pitlane.

    On top of that you have three mystery stalls in Australia, Turkey & Spa; gearbox failure in Turkey; rig failure at Nurburgring; whole spring coming off in Hungary; oil leak at Spa. It's Brawn's 'bulletproof relaibility'. And of course the well-documented shenanigans at Spain and Germany.

    What has Button got to show for all that? And how many points does it make Mr Benson? Because I make that more than 30.

    Worst champion in the history of the sport. As unworthy as they come. And that's without any shadow of a doubt.

  • Comment number 28.

    Of course Jenson deserves the title, as said above, he has made the most of his car, taken the points when he can, and arguably made the least mistakes of the leading drivers....
    F1 is a team game, the drivers may get a lot of the praise, but still needs to count on all the members of his team to ensure he gets good results. The Brawn team made the best initial design, and has managed to keep up with developments throughout the season and keep performing well. Considering they didn't actually exist until just before the season started, and that they basically shoe-horned in the Mercedes engine into their chassis, I'd love to see them win the Constructors and Drivers Championships, and would be a fantastic effort from them. As per usual, the British can't even seem to support their own fellow countrymen and give credit where it is due. So what if his performance has tailed off, it a long season during which the person who gets the most points wins, which, so far, Jenson is doing...

  • Comment number 29.

    Everyone knows why Barrichello is so behind, but we wont go there.

  • Comment number 30.

    Napiertt - sort it out!!!!

    Just because Button has the better car does not make him an undeserving world champion (should he get there). As others have pointed out, many world champions in the past had the best car but it's what you do with it that matters. Rubens remember has the same car but could not match Button in those early races, if the car was the be all and end all then surely Rubens would have similar or more points. Fact is, Button drove excellently in the first 3rd of the season and sensibly the remainder (so far) and if he hadnt made silly errors in qualifying then he would be ahead bu more. Cars don't drive themselves my friend - drivers do!

  • Comment number 31.

    Of course he deserve to win it:
    1. He has won the most races
    2. He has driven his car consistantly to its maximum
    3. He has, except Spa, consistently scored points when not winning
    4. He hasn't crashed out due to erratic driving (take note Mr Vettel)
    5. He has beaten everybody else so far when it matters, either winning or scoring points.
    6. He does not make silly mistakes when it matters i.e. in the race!

    Totally professional driver who thoroughly deserves the championship because of his car, his experience and his ability.
    I think that pretty much covers it.

  • Comment number 32.

    Perfect result:

    1) Lewis Hamilton is where he should be, on the podium.
    2) Jenson Button moves to a more secure position by a tiny margin.
    3) Brawn shows extraordinary powers of recovery.
    4) Renault gets some reward on the circuit for its dignity.
    5) F1 can do without the likes of Picquet, Briatore and Symonds.
    6) Toyota gets a podium - hooray.

  • Comment number 33.

    Lets face it, even if Button wins the next 3 races lapping everyone (including himself) there will still be some people who will say that he is an 'undeserving champion'.

    The reality is that drivers who build large points advantages always start to drive defensively, especially if they have a number of challengers (who aren't team mates under team orders not to challenge). Button drove fantastically at the start of the season, putting in both stunning qualifying drives as well doing the job where it matters on Sunday (the only day drivers get points). Yes maybe he did get a bit cocky at Turkey and yes maybe he has clenched up a bit since (certainly his qualifying performances haven't shown the same flair as he did earlier in the season), but despite that he still has a 15point advantage (16 effectively because on a points draw he will win due to more race wins).

    I actually dislike the term 'undeserving champion' when used in relation to any driver who didn't cheat themselves to win the championship... i.e. Mr Senna and Mr Schumacher, who both drove rivals off the track in the last race twice. If you beat every other driver in the championship fair and square then you deserve the DWC!

    All that said I do hope Jenson goes on to win again and stamp his authority on his probable DWC, rather than drag himself across the line to clinch it by a point or 2 at the last race... because if he does that I do think he will be a 'weak' champion rather than a strong one.

  • Comment number 34.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 35.

    A lot of debate on whether Button deserves the title or not. One thing is for sure, even if he does win it, he certainly won't win it again.

  • Comment number 36.

    Just such a shame McLaren dropped the ball at the start of the season, or we could've had two British drivers fighting it out at the end for the F1 crown.

    As it is, nothing short of a retirement or two will give Barichello a sniff of a chance now.

  • Comment number 37.

    Agree with cordas

    If Button wins the title it will be because he will have scored more points this year than anybody else - and that's what you do to win the title!

    Ifs and buts can be used for every year in F1, but they don't change anything. The winner is always the one with the most points - how and why they got them doesn't matter.

  • Comment number 38.

    For all those people who think Jenson will be an 'undeserving' world champion, don't forget that last year Hamilton won it by the skin of his teeth, due to Glock's error (which to me is still kinda suspicious). But anyway, the point is the table does not lie and whoever gets the most points at the end of the season deserves to be world champion. The drivers know this and respect each other.

    It's us the armchair fans who are usually bitter and say illogical things.

  • Comment number 39.

    Button might win this year's wc but he would never have some even close had his car not had the unfair performance advantage over the other cars at the beginning of the season. Now that all the cars have the double diffuser, he can't even get on the podium. got to be the most pathetic champion ever if he doesn't manage one win before the end of the season.

  • Comment number 40.

    27. At 5:48pm on 27 Sep 2009, nibs wrote:


    Just answer a few questions...

    a) Why would Ross Brawn be out from the start of the season (the very 1st race according to you) to damage one of his cars? (bearing in mind he had only just gotten his team there by the skin of their teeth, and had no sponsors signed up)

    b) Why wait till Spain to 'wreck' Rubens race strategy by making a strategic choice that would have worked out well for Rubens if only Rubens had driven faster when it counted?

    c) If he hates Rubens so much as to spoil his races (and put him in danger of crashing/ hurting himself) did he even give him a drive in one of his cars?

    d) Rubens isn't stupid, so why is he driving a Brawn and generally so happy with his car and team if Ross is out to ruin his dreams of a DWC at best, and kill him at worst (by engineering accidents)?

  • Comment number 41.

    Not taking anything away from Button's effort this season, at the end of the day the driver with the most points wins the WDC. But looking back at the 2007 & 2008 season where no one driver or team had a superior advantage over the rest of the Grid for such a long time in this case pretty much half the season and not to mention the incredible luck Jenson's had as each time he slips other title contenders fail to do the business(No Fault of His) i fail to see Button's championship win as hard fought as that of Hamilton,Raikkonen,and Alonso's of 2006.The main difference being none of them had a clear advantage at the start. I personally can't wait for next season,obviously starting on a level playing field with no confusion over interpretation of technical rules to catch half the grid out,with Alonso in a ferrari,Kimi possibly in a mclaren,not to mention Lewis,Philippe Massa hopefully driving, and a wiser older Vettel..imagine the fireworks... who ever wins the championship then would have indeed earned it.

  • Comment number 42.

    Whoever gets the most points takes the title, who deserves it more than Jenson somebody who has won 2 races? At the end of the day when in a large lead drivers (undertandably) tend to get defensive BUT he keeps on scoring points when others don't. Its kind of like winning football matches when playing badly sometimes he is off the pace but still grabs a handful of points. The vast majority will say definetly deserving and the bitter few that prior to this season didn't think him capable will try and discredit his achievements so they don't have to take a large slice of humble pie and say 'i underestimated him!' Before i am accused of bias my favourite driver is Alonso. WHO DOES EVERYONE THINK HAS BEEN THE BEST DRIVER THIS SEASON? I WOULD GIVE IT TO HAMILTON, BUTTON, ALONSO OR ROSBERG. WITH NAKAJIMA/PIQUET/HEIIKI AS THE WORST?????

  • Comment number 43.

    The only time "undeserving" and "Button" should be used in the same sentence in a discussion on the championship is when you say "all the drivers except Button are undeserving of winning the championship this year". All other title contenders have consistantly failed to capitilise on Buttons off days. That Button has drove brilliantly in winning races and in damage limitation almost all season only cements the fact that he is most worthy.

    Jenson is just as deserving as any other F1 world champion I have ever seen.

  • Comment number 44.

    @41 - I still think that Kimi lucked into his DWC, more because McLaren threw away Lewis' advantage at China by keeping him out on worn tyres to long because they wanted to seal the win, rather than be sensible. His tyres were gone laps before they tried to bring him in, and even if they had and it had started to rain on the next lap everyone would have had to pit for wets/inters and he would still have been in the driving seat for the win.

  • Comment number 45.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the champion the one who has the most points at the end of the season? Whoever that is, by definition they deserve the title.

    nibs said "BUTTON HAS BEEN SLOWER THAN BARICHELLO IN EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND SINCE SILVERSTONE." which is true, but the fact is Barrichello was slower than Button when Button won the races. Seems obvious I know, but still some people can't grasp this very simple concept.

    So I'll repeat it, and in nice big capitals so napiertt, nibs et al can understand.


    And that is without any shadow of a doubt.

  • Comment number 46.

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your responses.

    I notice there are a couple of you who seem to be perpetuating the idea that Barrichello has somehow been hard done by because he has been quicker than Button since the British GP, or even that he has been diddled out of the title by his team. I'm afraid those views simply do not stand up to scrutiny.

    Of the three start-line problems Barrichello has had this season, two were driver error, and the other was a system glitch. These things happen. Same with the gearbox failure in Turkey, which happened when he was behind Button in the race.

    Equally, there were no "shenigans" in Spain. Button simply out-drove Barrichello there. Rubens was not fast enough in the crucial stage of the race.

    Barrichello has not been faster than Button at every race since Silverstone, and even when he has been and finished behind him, it has nothing to do with a conspiracy.

    Yes, he had a fuel rig problem in Germany, but he was also affected there by being stuck behind Felipe Massa's Ferrari for long periods. He was never in the running for the win, and although he may have finished ahead of Button rather than behind him because of the refuelling problem, that is only a two-point swing. But either way he was not definitively faster than Button in the race.

    In Hungary, Button qualified ahead and finished ahead. Yes, the spring fell off Barrichello's car in qualifying. These things happen. You're surely not suggesting the team would make the car deliberately dangerous just to help Button?

    In Valencia, Barrichello won, fair and square. In Spa and Monza, again, he beat Button fair and square - but, in Italy, by the tiniest of margins. But weighing against that, Button out-drove Barrichello in the first seven races.

    In Singapore, Button out-raced him, pure and simple. Barrichello stalled in the pit stop - but that was his own fault, not the team's.

    I'm sorry, but over the whole season, the fact is that Button has been the better driver. Barrichello has been unluckier, but it is completely incorrect to suggest he would now be leading the championship but for that bad luck.

  • Comment number 47.

    Oops. That should say "shenanigans" in that last post - sorry about that.

  • Comment number 48.

    Those that claim that Jenson is only winning because of a superior car have a short memory or are too young to remember that the majority of championships go to the team with the best CAR, not necessarily the best driver!

    There's a lot of talented drivers out there, and while my personal opinion if that Jenson's only in the top 6 in terms of overall ability, he's probably driven better then everyone else overall this season and will fully deserve his championship win.

  • Comment number 49.

    I find it strange that people consider Jenson an undeserving champion?

    Do the same people find last years champion Lewis undeserving because he scraped in by one point passing an ailing Toyota on the wrong tyres at the last race?
    Or the year that Aryton Senna won from Alain Prost because at the time they had to deduct one race from the season so that Prost who had the most points lost because when the one race was removed he lost the champoinship through fewer points, but won more races?

    In my eyes both these examples of the very many over the years are far more deserving of the title undeserved, yet they are still recorded as world cgampions and most will forget how they became W.C.'s.
    What is it about us Brits when Jensons won 6 out of seven everyone was raving about JB and BrawnGP. Then suddenly it's the "it's getting boring" and the tabloid mentality locks in and everyone has to go into "slag off" mode. Get real he deserves it as much as Lewis, Aryton, Michael and all the previous other winners, once he has done it of course.

    Good luck to him and BrawnGP, this year has been the closest most exciting season in a long time with everyone within a few seconds from front to back. What more could you ask from a sport where some of it's names and some of the ideas of the controlling body is trying to make it more of a laughing stock than ever. It's nice to see now that Ross has a free hand to operate a fair and honest team in an open way that many of the others would do well to emulate. So to not wander too far OT good luck to JB and BrawnGP for this year and many more to come.

  • Comment number 50.

    @42 -

    Best - Button/Hamilton. Alonso has been good but he hasn't done enough / helped the team develop the car enough to be in contention.

    Worst - Badoer and then Piquet Junior.
    I strongly disagree with you about Kovi, he is a good drive... in a field of good and some great drivers, unfortunately his team mate is one of the best (and I think has the potential to become one of the all time greats).

  • Comment number 51.

    Why so much criticism of Jenson Button? After years of rubbish cars, he probably has the best car over the season and he's leading the world championship. It seems pretty fair to me.
    How many have won the world championship without the best car in recent years?
    Didn't Schumacher have the best car for most of his championships? I'd suggest, he even failed to win with the best car once.
    And Jenson hasn't yet resorted to crashing into his rivals.
    But he hasn't won the champioship either yet - let's keep our fingers crossed.

  • Comment number 52.

    Nibs, could you clarify your repeated comments? Are you insisting that Rubens is complicit with Brawn in sabotaging his own season? I can't see another interpretation of your ominous remarks about "mystery stalls" and slow driving in Monaco. Another potential explanation for these "mysterious" circumstances is that Rubens' own setup predisposes his car to stall, and that he was slow in Monaco because he, in common with every other car on supersofts apart from his teammate, chewed up his tyres on a hot race day.

    I'm sorry to everyone who thinks that performance at the start of the season should count for less than performance at the end of the season. Perhaps a graduated system where later races count for more points would be more to your liking? You should suggest it to Bernie: it's exactly the kind of farcical gimmick that he'd probably love.

  • Comment number 53.

    Button has been the best driver without a doubt. There are times when his car has been underperforming and yet he still dragged the car along the checkered flag with some points. Hamilton would also be one of my best drivers of the year, as he was driving a dog of a car. The Mclaren team have done well improving the car, and late in the season, he is showing the speed he is capable of.

    The worst driver, Piquet. No pace whatsoever, and Renault were right to sack him, even if there was no "crashgate". Also Nakajima...Rosberg has been quick, and Nakajima has been nowhere. That Rosberg has scored all their points tells you everything you need to know.

    The main reason Button is leading by 15 points at this point, is because, the days Brawn were uncompetative, no-one stepped up to the plate. Brawn have been by far the most reliable and consistant team of the year, and thoroughly deserve both championships

  • Comment number 54.

    "To everyone who thinks Jenson is an undeserving WDC: Explain WHY the man who has won the most races, kept a 15 point lead and could win the WDC with two races to go is undeserving?

    Really, because I'd LOVE to know where your reasoning comes from."

    Australia software glitch off the line
    Turkey software glitch off the line
    Spa software glitch off the line
    Hungary spring comes off in Q2 13th on the grid
    Turkey gearbox failure & dnf
    Germany rig malfunction
    Spa oil leak
    Singapore gearbox failure 5 place drop
    Singapore software glitch in pitstop
    Spain 'team building exercise' (let's put it that way)
    Germany 'team building exercise'

    3 points each AVERAGE = 33; 15-33 = -18 (make that 2 each if you wish but any less is taking the mickey)

    Rubens Barichello: Probably not an outstanding driver

    There is your reasoning.

  • Comment number 55.

    I dont understand why people say he's undeserving. He has made the most of the situation and capitalised on the rest of the field's failings. Last year Mclaren had the better car, does this demean Lewis Hamilton's achievements? I've rated Jenson for years, it's nice to see him getting some joy after all his fruitless year's in the sport, and it's good that England has 2 different winners in 2 years!

  • Comment number 56.

    I agree with "Cordas", Button has deserved his points,whether or not he has the best car is meaningless. It's what you do with it that matters. 2003 saw M Schumacher win the WDC title by the skin of his teeth, he only won 6 races in that season compared to his team mates 2 wins....(Rubens...)had 5 races with no wins and in the final race, he had to rely on his team mate to win in order for him to win the title...... apparently Michael deserved his 6th title...Personally, after the Nurburgring 2009 when Rubens kicked his toys out, I'm surprsed Brawn didn't boot him through the gates at Brackley.
    Jenson has his critics and plaudits alike, but when you're in contention for the big prize you have to live with them.

  • Comment number 57.

    'Rare has been the race when Button has not got the most out of whatever car he has been given'. Sorry but I can't even begin to agree with that, and that's the problem.

    Give Jenson the best car, have Rubens work out the set-up, and yes he's very good. But give him a car that isn't quite to his liking, and Rubens out-drives him every time, year-in year-out. Today he beat Rubens, but largely because of Rubens' grid penalty, which left him stuck midfield but with a much lower fuel load than he would otherwise have had.

    Who's done better than Jenson? Well fair question, and you have to say Brawn have been the best car/driver combos - but of the two, I'd say Rubens is the better all-round driver package, and I forecast Jenson to be nowhere, and completely out-driven by Rosberg, next year. So, like Damon Hill before him, a World Champion who was in truth a decent journeyman driver, never even approaching a great or even very good one, but got the best car at the right time.

    Put Hamilton, Kimi, Rosberg, Alonso, Kubica and Button in identical cars, and guess who would come last....

  • Comment number 58.

    For all the poster's claiming Jenson's only winning the WDC because he's been in a superior car, I would like to ask you how many driver's have won in 'underdog' cars in recent years? Perhaps Schumacher with Bennetton, but thats about it in the last 20 years or so. Hamilton, Kimi, Alonso, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Hill etc all only really had 1 other rival constructor, just as Brawn have/had Red Bull this year.
    And remember, even with a superior car, a driver will always have at least 1 other person to beat on raw pace alone...his team-mate. As the championship is effectively between Rubens and Jenson, give me one reason why Barichello is more deserving, as he has not delivered the points (at the current time) that Button has in the same machine.

  • Comment number 59.

    I lost interest in football when a few very wealthy teams bought all the best players and then cleaned up.
    An underdog Brit with those characteristics I admire - modesty, patience, determination - driving for an underdog, underfunded team: even if I didn't think it was deserved of course I would want Jensen/Brawn to win. And I'm not even particularly patriotic.
    As for underserved! JB looked like a champ to me from his first season in a McLaren. Since then he has for years dragged bits of tin around cicuits consistently better than his team mate. This year he is getting his reward.
    Yes we all know that Lewis, Fernando, Kimi, Sebastian and Nico are the fastest drivers but please don't pour cold water on a great season.
    By the way, who else thinks street circuits are a just a side show?

  • Comment number 60.

    Sweenie - that's quite true, but the difference is some of those drivers could at least make an uncompetitive car competitive - Hamilton, Schumaker, Alonso & Hakkinen certainly. Not enough to win the championship, but up there. Sorry but I think Button, on other than a perfect day, verges on making a competitive car uncompetitive.

  • Comment number 61.

    Disagree that Button had a 'Flawless' race, he didn't exactly do much, in fact very little happend in the race. Button just drove past those who made errors (Rosberg, Vettel, Webber).

    I feel Barrichello will be much stronger at Suzuka, and Button is still making errors, if he doesn't push the car in qualifying, then he is likely to be battling for the lower end of the points. Mclaren's, Red Bull's, Force India and Kimi can all come between them and punish Button.

  • Comment number 62.


    How are those sour grapes? You are a pathetic little man who is so blinded by their dislike that they cannot see sense.

  • Comment number 63.

    If Damon hadn't been taken off by MS, Button wouldn't be in control -
    Yeah, makes as much sense as some peoples posts.
    Of course JB deserves to be WDC. One race all season with no points, and that wasn't his fault, shows that he is more than good enough. That others havent capitalised on his off weekends, not his fault or his problem.
    OK, so he might not win it again, but he has done what needed to be done with the equipment that he was given. That is his job, he has done it.
    Another British champion, well done JB, hold on mate!

  • Comment number 64.

    brawn it seems has more jam than hartleys and other teams/drivers are making unforced errors trying to remain in touch.
    panic has set into many teams and rumours reguarding driver places seems to be affecting brawns opposition.
    how i look at it with many new teams starting next season one or more of them could do a brawn and fling their drivers to new heights of stardom, so any and all drives will be closely watched and if any driver fails to live up to the scrutiny they dont deserve a drive.
    here is looking past the problems of recent years and on toward some good races from 2010 onward.

  • Comment number 65.

    What is all this nonsense about Button only winning early on in the season because he had a better car than everyone else. I'm pretty sure I remember Barrichello driving the same car, in the same races. Also the Red Bulls have been competitive all season aswell. Maybe, just maybe he is leading the championship because , overall, he has been the better driver so far.

  • Comment number 66.

    Roll on 2010 and let the true champions step up. No dodgy diffusers,No Kers,No refueling just sheer guts and speed and a level playing field.

  • Comment number 67.

    Button will never win another GP ever. I would bet my house on it.

  • Comment number 68.

    Button did not score 66 out of a maximum of 70 points at the start of the season, but rather 61 out of 65. Don't forget that Malaysia only counted for half the points due to the early end!

  • Comment number 69.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 70.

    There are two issues here which are getting confused by some people.

    1) Is Button a great F1 driver, up there with other great champions? No, he isn't, he's one of a number who won the championship because they had far and away the best car, a lot of luck and a team-mate (in the same car) who also was not a great driver, so didn't beat them.

    2) Does he deserve to be champion? Well yes,he does. It's not as if, for example, there's another , or he's won by cheating or shoving people off the track. He made good use of the advantages he had, and good luck to him.

    To say he isn't a great driver doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to win, because unlike most sports it's about the driver/car/strategy combination, not just the bloke steering the thing!

  • Comment number 71.

    #70 Should have read 'there's another.... guy out there who clearly deserves it'

  • Comment number 72.

    cordas- sorry i agree with you on badoer (how could i forget!) but Heikki hasn't got remotely close to Lewis all season long and when oppurtunities arose and theoretically he looked able to win or go for a podium he blew them. Nakajima though has also been poor, not as many racing incidents as last year but he is on the losing side of one of the most comprehensive one sided battle with a teamate i have ever seen. Up there with Piquet and Alonso last year!

    Button will never win another GP ever. I would bet my house on it.

    Heard that by many selfproclaimed experts during the 2007/8 seasons. Not saying you are wrong but i can never understand those statements?

  • Comment number 73.

    Button will be a more deserving WDC because he's not having races gifted to him from a number 2 driver, which has been the case over the years.
    He's racing Barrichello nobody else.
    Hamilton made it last year with Heiki's help, Kimi the same the year before, Alonso, Shumacher.....

  • Comment number 74.

    Button can win races if his car is way faster than the others. He's had a lucky season in an otherwise average career.

  • Comment number 75.

    46. At 6:27pm on 27 Sep 2009, Andrew Benson - BBC Sport wrote:

    "Of the three start-line problems Barrichello has had this season, two were driver error, and the other was a system glitch."

    I suggest you do your research first, the three problems were similar and down to the clutch, even Ross Brawn admitted they were technical and not driver-related. You can go and find the quotes.

    "These things happen."

    No they don't happen to Button's car. They didn't happen to Hamilton's last year either.

    "Same with the gearbox failure in Turkey, which happened when he was behind Button in the race."

    Allright so that's no points lost then.

    "Equally, there were no "shenigans" in Spain. Button simply out-drove Barrichello there. Rubens was not fast enough in the crucial stage of the race."

    Ho ho. Come on. I am sure (and I hope) that being a motorsport reporter let alone for some time you don't really believe this else it would be a bit embarrassing.

    "But either way he was not definitively faster than Button in the race"

    Not faster - way faster.

    "In Hungary, Button qualified ahead and finished ahead. Yes, the spring fell off Barrichello's car in qualifying."

    Yes that's right, he qualified and finished ahead because the spring fell off.

    "These things happen."

    Not to Button. Never.

    "You're surely not suggesting the team would make the car deliberately dangerous just to help Button"

    No surely not, who'd even think of causing a deliberate accident? Just that they have a 1-car policy and all the trouble keeps hitting the other one.

    "In Singapore, Button out-raced him, pure and simple."

    No he didn't. He started 2 places behind him and with optimum fuel on, without the penalty he'd be nowhere near him. Qualifying behind your temmate after he drops 5 places is totally out of place for an aspiring champion to start with. And he still needed the sc and the stall to get ahead. In each of the 2 stints Rubens opened up a 5 second advantage.

    "but that was his own fault, not the team's."

    It was the car's fault, neutral wouldn't engage.

    Anyway you haven't answered how many technical or mechanical or pitstop or strategy mishaps has Button suffered this season in comparison, if that is normal and why it might happen, approximately how many points you believe he has benefitted because of it (10? 15? 20?), and therefore whether his lead is anywhere near representative.

  • Comment number 76.

    A whole lot of people who keep saying if this and if that and if so and so was in an equal car etc. don't seem to get it. As has been said by all the drivers champions and non champions alike, "to be world champion you have to be in the right car at the right time". Want some proof: Michael Scumacher WDC in 1994 & 1995 left for Ferarri to help them to become world champions, how long did it take him: 5 years next WDC 2000. He was probably the top driver of his time but it took a team of people Michael included all that time to be competitive enough to challenge for the WDC title. Just get it into your heads and stop knocking him cos your dreaming that lewis could make that "dog of a Mclaren" thanks EJ, work in the first half of the season, it just wasn't going to happen. Forget your if's but's maybe's, if never happened, but never happened and maybe certainly wasn't on the cards. So wake up in your shower and realise it was all a dream and Lewis, Kimi or Alonso really are driving old nails for most of the season and are miles away from the WDC. Shock horror hold the front page Jenson actually did win all those races and score all those points when not winning and is close to clinching the WDC with the team clinching the manufacturers championship. No apologies for blatant rip off of Dallas etc and oodles of sarcasm just stop dreaming and accept so far Jenson has done the best job ergo he is likely to be WDC ergo THE BEST DRIVER THIS SEASON.
    Okay primary school children throwing tantraums sarcasm episode over.

  • Comment number 77.

    Do you know who the deserving champion is?

    Ross Brawn and his masterful interpretation of this year's rules.

    It took until the British GP for the rest of the field to play catch up, by which time Button had already clocked up an almost unassailable lead...

    And Andrew - I don't agree with you.
    While you quote Villeneuve to defend your viewpoint I point out Hakkinnen
    (who in my view is a better champion and superior driver) who said in the F1 Forum that Button needs to push forward and win at least another race to be a worthy champion.
    His 6 race wins have come from the muddle of rule interpretations and double diffuser issues - and I'm sure Button doesn't want to be remembered for that.

    It is no coincidence that since the other teams have sung from the same hymn sheet (give or take a KERS car here and there)since Silverstone, the Championship really lit up with different race wins for different drivers.
    I am not faulting Button here - but he has been lucky that no other driver, including Rubens, have not been able to throw the gauntlet.
    Given Button's meandering towards the title,it's time to show his winning qualities by pushing on and to show what a Champion he is by nailing at least one more race - then we can stop this talk of him being worthy or not once and for all.

  • Comment number 78.

    Im so sick of all the people slagging off Jenson this year, if he wins the world championship congratulations to him and to the Brawn team.

  • Comment number 79.

    I agree with all the posts that have said, the one who has the most points at the end if the season is the WDC, whether you win the points at the beginning of the season or the end is not important. The important thing is you have more points than your rivals. Is this not the same with Lewis last year?

  • Comment number 80.

    Lets not forget that Button is one of the rare drivers who has had the guts to overtake a Kers car on a straight and I'm not talking about Heiki's car or Badoer.

    He has acheived the points advantage, he doesn't NEED to win another race to be WDC. Why would he throw it all away now with risky overtaking or rebuilding the car before the race(Rubens)

  • Comment number 81.

    Murray says:

    "Button will never win another GP ever. I would bet my house on it."

    Well I for one am very happy to take you up on this. Looking forward to hearing back from you Murray and we can get a contract drawn up.

    Anyway back to the subject. Jensen is as deserving as anyone who has previously won the championship. Are there better drivers? Yes possibly. But at the end of the day the driver with the most points wins.

    Schumacher won championship after championship with a vastly superior car. Was he a good driver yes. Did he deserve to win? Yes. Were there better drivers than him? Yes.

    Ergo the piece is accurate. Too many people here arguing about the wrong thing.

  • Comment number 82.

    REF 42
    & REF 50 Cordas (who wrote)

    I strongly disagree with you about Kovi, he is a good drive... in a field of good and some great drivers, unfortunately his team mate is one of the best (and I think has the potential to become one of the all time greats).

    haa ha ha he he he e he he wimper,................

    Oh Cordas - are you having a laugh??

  • Comment number 83.


    Barrichello fell off the track in Q3 which placed him 5th, which was lucky for him because there were faster drivers out there.

    People who don't like Button seem to have a very clouded vision

  • Comment number 84.

    nibs, #27, #54,#69:
    Quite how someone can have such a one-sided and misguided view is astonishing.

    Taking into account the previous 2 seasons, the winter of uncetainty surrounding the team, and what Barichello had previously had to do at Ferrari, You cannot seriously believe that Ross Brawn, and all the other Brawn guys, would sabotage the efforts of Rubens. This would also have dropped points in their constructors effort, and attract negative publicity (not good when your team's survived on threads and you need sponsors)

    Ross Brawn will know better than anyone how disheartened Rubens became at times at Ferrari, and he wouldn't let that happen again here. Besides, there was a clear number 1 at Ferrari, both on the track and contractually. Now they are more evenly matched, there's no good reason to stop them fighting for it.

    It has been a trait of the majority of Button's F1 career that he has a very smooth driving style, and goes easier on the car than Barichello. Rubens' more aggresive style may have contributed to some of his problems, or it may not have done. But you cannot account all of his poor starts and other issues by naming technical problems; as Andrew pointed out, at least half of these have been down to driver error. And as Andrew has slightly better contacts and sources than you, I'm inclined to believe his claims over yours.

    If Button had started the season with some lower points placings and a DNF, and fought his way back with 6 wins from 7, he would have been hailed as a hero. But the net result is the same. It doesn't matter which 6 races he's won this year, he's still at the top of the table, and nobody else has even got close to the number of wins. I admit there have been more deserving champions, but there have been many less deserving too. Personally, I think finishing in the points in 13 out of 14 races, on the podium for 8 of them, warrants the title. No other team/driver combination has been good enough. And no team/driver combination has ever won the world title without some luck going their way.

    Finally, for someone who seems to be Rubens' biggest fan, to say he's "probably not an outstanding driver" is quite harsh. This year he has driven better than at any point in his career, and I think the his position reflects that. I would hate to see him dropped for next year, I think Brawn would hate to drop him too.

  • Comment number 85.

    "Do you know who the deserving champion is? Ross Brawn and his masterful interpretation of this year's rules."

    Ross Brawn = Chairman of the Technical Working Group

    Sixth Plea – The Decision of the Stewards is Inconsistent with Previous
    Statements Rendered by the FIA

    a) Arguments of the parties

    82. Renault alleges that the FIA has previously rendered opinions to it, stating that designs similar to those used by the Contested Design Teams in the Contested Design Concept were contrary to the TR.

    83. Red Bull submits that it asked the FIA in January 2007 to clarify its position as regards any discontinuity in the reference plane, and the response from the FIA clearly stated that such a discontinuity would be illegal.

    b) Findings of the Court

    85. The Court observes that opinions of the Technical Department, while performing a vital role, are advisory in nature and are not Technical Regulations. Teams are obliged to comply with the TR as written. It is for the Stewards, and ultimately this Court, to offer binding interpretations of the TR. Even if the Contested Decisions were inconsistent with any opinion of the FIA Technical Department, this would not give rise to the invalidity of the Contested Decisions. The Court therefore denies the Sixth Plea.

  • Comment number 86.

    Button may not be a racing genius like some of the past WDCs or indeed the current talents including Hamilton and Vettel, but he drove well in the first third of the season and where he struggled with tyre performance midway thru he still managed to make the best of the situation he was dealt. Nerves have certainly got to him in the Qualy's but when he's in the race itself he shows he is fast and consistent and today he showed us his potential pace in laps 47-49. I'm not a huge Button fan but I certainly think he has been the most consistent performer this season overall - Webber, Vettel and Barichello have all made mistakes and had their chances. Not the best F1 season, but Jenson deserves to win the WDC - who else has actually done any better...

  • Comment number 87.

    A few years ago when Button was doing relativly well, in a not so good BAR, nearly every F1 fan I know was saying they would love to see what he could do in a competitive car. Now he's got a good car everyone's says he's only winning because he has the best car. What's that about?

  • Comment number 88.

    Jenson did not have an "unfair advantage" earlier in the season as some suggest. His car was/is entirely legal and he will most certainly deserve the title. What a fickle bunch people are - suppose the results this season were reversed and the 6 wins occured at the tail end of the season and JB will be being heralded as making the greatest comeback in F1 history.

  • Comment number 89.

    I don't like to talk of undeserving Champions. A Champion is a Champion and thats that. We shouldn't be mean-spirited in greeting the sweetest moment of Button's life with ridicule.

    The problem with Button is one of perception. Usually the Champion is accepted as one of if not the best driver in the world. With Button that is impossible. It is obvious that at this elite level he is merely good to average. As the field has closed up the real talent has risen to the fore - Hamilton, Alonso and Raikonnen. Button unfortunately will be damned because there are clearly better drivers on the grid than him. He knows it, they know it, the paddock the world and his Mum know it.

    I fear he will never live down the accusation that he is only Champion because his Brawn enjoyed spectacular advantages in the early season over more talented rivals.

  • Comment number 90.

    There's always the argument about the harder you work, the luckier you get . . . it's a tricky one. By the first seven races, undeniably Button is a totally deserving champion. He drove superbly, made the most of the car, while just about everyone else was playing catch-up.

    However, in the next eight races, the form has largely vanished, whilst the luck has remained. I can think of NO championship ever, where the championship leader has not won for eight races, been on the podium only once in that time, and yet has not seen his lead dip below 14 points. Not even Schumacher ever, EVER had that kind of luck.

    This season I think will go down as a freak one. So much hassle, intrigue, dubiousness, the occasional exciting race . . . hopefully, next year will settle down, and get some balance back to common sense in the rules (No in season testing? Pathetic).

    Maybe it's a karma thing: this is Jensons payback for the last few years at Honda?

    PS: Let's hope Ari Vatenen gets in, and it's time for Bernie to go. REALLY time. Any suggestions for a replacement? I'd say Niki Lauda, personally, but hey . . .

  • Comment number 91.

  • Comment number 92.

    E-Type #89

    you're dead right. There are plenty of champions who have been consistently at the top. But, given the right equipment, they have put together a great season. Would you say James Hunt was an undeserving champion? No, but he only had 2 seasons right at the top,and was helped out by Lauda's accident.

    You can have undeserving race winners (Massa at Spa in 2008: nowhere near the lead all day but still picked up ten points) but to say some has lucked into an entire championship is inaccurate.
    An undeserving champion is only someone who has cheated their way to the title, and I can only think of Schumacher in 1994 as a POSSIBLE case. Button's has been completely legal, and he has never pushed anyone off the road.

  • Comment number 93.

    i agree with you that robthered79. I've always wanted him in a competitive car and he totally deserves this world championship if he gets it. I think he'll show more next year how good of a driver he is when its how good you are on your tyres at the beginning of the race with the cars being full on fuel.

  • Comment number 94.

    @ 85 nibs
    Nibs - you quoted off me.
    What you talking about Willis?
    and what's all the beef with Rubens?
    and do you agree with Cordas (50) that Kovalainen has the potential to be one of the all time greats?

  • Comment number 95.

    what is it about the english as soon as anyone excels we get a lot of coverage saying oh, they have a better car, other drivers are underperforming,piffle Jenson is the better driver this season making the most of his chances and good damage limition when things don't go well. sounds like someone else i know Micheal who is it now.

  • Comment number 96.

    I think that people are being too harsh on Button here. The Brawn car hasn't been the best on the grid for some time now and his positions have actually been pretty good given his car is no longer ahead, but behind most of his rivals performance-wise!

  • Comment number 97.

    Nibs - the abusive personal comments posted about you above are way out of line.

    That said..

    You don't half write some tosh, but I'm prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt that it's a wind-up, because I can't quite bring myself to beleive you actually believe the rubbish you're writing ;-)

  • Comment number 98.

    Just cos i am bored and we still have the Button/Barrichello/Brawn haters out there because they are out performing their hero's and can't handle it. If Lewis didn't have KERS this season he would still be in single figures in the standings as most of the rest of the pack would have overtaken him at most races this season and put him out of the points. Same goes for Ferarri and Renault. In fact it would probably be a three way fight between Brawn Red Bull and Williams for the WDC in that case. But as is isn't, it will likely be an end of season result:

    BrawnGP Constructors Champions
    Jenson Button WDC
    2nd Rubens Barrichello
    3rd Seb Vettel
    4th Mark Webber

    Could all the JB haters please just say we all hate JB and we all love "insert favourite driver here" then we can move on and stop speculating on what has not occurred.

  • Comment number 99.

    I find it frustrating when I keep hearing "Button doesn't deserve the championship" and "it's all because he has the best car". The fact is that the Red Bull car has been the fastest car for the majority of the season. True the Brawn was the best car for the first 2 races of the season but from then on there has only been the odd race when they were slower.

    Button has probably been the most consistent driver this season and if (and hopefully when) he does win the championship no-one will be more deserving.

    What other driver would turn down drives with other teams, when it looked like all was lost at Honda, just to remain loyal? He deserves to win just for that alone. And if Button had won every race this season, people would still moan. It seems that even if he wins, he can't win.

    I'm sorry if this has turned into a rant but I can't stand narrow minded fans who fail to look at all the information before writing rubbish on boards like this.

  • Comment number 100.

    Let's rule out the "best car" argument now because let's face it, very rarely (if at all) has anyone won the title, and their team has been miles back in the constructors table. It's all about using good machinery when you have. Button did it in 2004, by far the best non-ferrari driver when every other team was obliterated, and he's done it again this year.


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