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Keith Schofield

Sex and the Canopy

Posted from: LBA Research centre, 2 hrs north of Manaus

During one of the Seven Days, God decided to get to grips with planting trees. He spent most of the morning sprinkling a few here, and planting a few there. He covered most of the world with them. Then He looked at Wales, and decided to make it even more beautiful by fiddling a bit with the coastline around Pembroke. On his way over, he dropped the half-used packet of assorted tree seeds all over the Amazon. Hence the Amazon has more than its fair share of trees - in fact, one hectare of the Amazon contains more species than the whole of the North American continent.

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Solange Welch

A White Knuckle Jungle Climb

Posted from: LBA Research centre, 2 hrs north of Manaus

It's 7:30am and I've already had one of the most exhilarating and terrifying experiences of my life. If I do nothing else today I will still go to bed with a feeling of accomplishment. I could probably be a bum for a whole month and feel no guilt. I have enough adrenalin in my veins that if I was so much as to sneeze right now my constitution might go into overdrive and start fitting with anaphylactic shock. I know that's medically inaccurate but it sounds good.

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Bruce Parry

Catapulted into the Canopy

Posted from: Largescale Biosphere and Atmosphere (LBA) Research centre, 2 hrs north of Manaus
Rigging the ropes for a 45m climb

Bruce is with two 'arbonaughts' (expert tree climbers James and Ollie) from the UK, trying to get a rope into the tree so he can spend the night up in the canopy.

Steve Robinson

Film one nearly done

Posted from: Ashaninka Village near Catunga.
Thank God. It feels like we've arrived somewhere safe at last. We're in a tiny Ashaninka village four hours downriver and it is quite beautiful.

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Steve Robinson

Amazon United F.C.

Posted from: Catunga.
Catunga is a weird place. Two years ago a local logger built a road through the forest and roads change things quickly around here. In return for the right to log the forest around Catunga, he built them wooden houses, probably made out of their own wood.

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