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Christina Daniels

Soy Export

Posted from: Altamira
We've been filming soy ports today, used by some of the largest cultivators of soy in the world. The cultivation of soy in the Amazon has been blamed for being one of the biggest factors in the deforestation of the Amazon. It comes a close second to cattle ranching.

It's incredible to think that the consumption of meat - soy being exported primarily as feed for livestock in China and Europe, and cattle being reared for beef, bears a lot of responsibility for what's happening here in the Amazon. It just goes to show how we're all implicated in this - it's too easy, and wrong, to just blame the loggers, or the cattle ranchers, or the soy companies, for destroying the Amazon. Our consumption of meat helps drive this - you can't separate one from the other.

Coming out here, seeing this first hand, you start to realize that we really DO depend on each other, and that our actions do have a direct implication on the wider world. We are all part of the same vast network, and because of this we all have responsibility.


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