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Christina Daniels

Beware of Amazon magic

Posted from: Near Santarem

We're travelling down the Amazon River. It's dusk and pockets of sunlight shoot out from the clouds. As we travel downriver, we see the ribeirinhos, the families that live at the edge of the water, in their small wooden houses, always two or three cows and never less than five children running around.

Dusk on the Amazon
Dusk on the Amazon near Santarém

I've never been to the Amazon before. Raquel, who has just finished working on the last shoot, told me to watch out, that this trip would transform me, that the Amazon River is a magical place. I've only been here two days so it's a bit early for transformations yet, but already I have a sense, I think, of what she means. You get the feeling that you're at the centre of the world here - that things begin from here.

Let's see what happens.


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