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Raquel Toniolo


Posted from: Gold Mine, Grota Rica
Comfort for me is having a clean toilet to sit on.

Usually filming trips for me are synonymous with adventure, meaning you do something very different from what you have in your daily 'normal' life. You experience and adapt to the environment around you; what that usually means is that you lose basic comforts and treats, which you take for granted back home.

Eleven days in a hammock I can do - the traditional woven ones of thick fabric are very comfy, but 11 days having to go outside facing storms and mud to dump your waste in a hole on the ground makes me moody. I can live with it, but I would rather not have to.
Today I woke up at 6am, desperate for a wee. The sky was pouring down rain by the buckets and there was no way I would go outside. I had that painful feeling in my bladder already, telling me I couldn't wait anymore. All I wish for is a toilet indoors, where I could walk in and out with no hassle. Well, that existed only in my dreams, as there were no facilities like that in the entire gold mine.

I looked for an empty bottle, which normally would be of no help to a girl, but I have a secret weapon - Jojo's (our Production Manager) fantastic present from last year. A life-saving invention, capable of solving my problem. Being able to urinate standing like a man is no longer exclusive to blokes.

Raquel taking a rest in the mine
Raquel enjoying a quick moment of comfort

If you can't have a safe and dry toilet to go for a wee, girl, you should get a she-wee.
Still if I stumbled into a block of gold here I would definitely buy a loo.


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