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Marina De Brito

Amazon Skies

Posted from: Sao Raimundo do Jaraua in the Sustainable Development Reserve, Mamiraua
The sky in the Amazon changes with every passing hour and it never ceases to amaze us. Especially sunrise and sunset, these are times when we all rush to the front or the back of our boat and start clicking away with our cameras. The skies turn from pink to orange, the canopy goes from green to golden yellow, reflecting the light of the sun.

What makes the sky so wonderful is its sheer size, the horizons spread all round for miles, so you can see dark menacing rain clouds in the distance, tinged by the light yellow of the sun setting on a cloudy day. And the river always reflects the sky, sometimes so perfectly that they seem as one, and the strip of green trees in the middle is like a stripe that breaks the bluey-grey expanse of light.

An Amazon river scene
An Amazon river scene

In fact the beauty here is quite unsurpassable, and the best way to enjoy it is in your hammock, on the sun deck, taking in all these delights and listening to all the different bird songs and monkey noises. But not all is perfect in paradise because come sundown the mosquitoes invade the boat and the boat generator, which charges up our camera batteries, muffles out the jungle noises.

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