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Marina De Brito

A Tough Kitten

Posted from: Jacare
We all loved the second community we visited, but Bruce became attached to one particular member of the community - a small black kitten. This was no ordinary kitten, it was the hardiest and toughest kitten we had ever seen.

Children picked it up and played with it like it was a little doll, hung it from washing lines, checked the size of its claws, scrubbed it down with soap in the river and yet this little thing never even flinched. And when left to its own devices it came and sat on your shoes while you were chatting to someone, or curled up on your lap.

Cat heaven!
The cat on some fish

It climbed on floating logs, balanced on bits of wood sticking out of the water, climbed trees, squeezed under floorboards, walked over huge piles of live fish, but never called for help. It was the most adventurous intrepid kitten we had ever seen and Bruce, I think, must have admired it. So they became friends and he lived inside Bruce's shirt for a while.

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