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Bruce Parry

Return to the Matis

Bruce arrives in Beija Flor, a Matis village he had visited for the series Tribe in 2006

Find out about Bruce's first visit to the Matis on the Tribe website


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  • At 10:16 PM on 20 Mar 2008,
  • alex ringer, israel wrote:

Hi Bruce,
The health condition of the Matis is very sad and we, far away from their home can only feel frustration for not been able to help but we feel quite optimist when you and your dedicated team are around.
In the name of all the Tribe fans over the world pass them our pray for complete recovery and do your best to rescue them.
My photos from the ants kingdom are dedicated to you, friends:
and read the text.

Keep moving forward and come back safely,

[You have my permission to publish my letter and the pictures on your website. Just let me know}

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  • At 02:43 PM on 02 Apr 2008,
  • carole hietbrink wrote:

Hoi Bruce and the crew.
It's true what Alex wrote so good luck with the tribe in Matis.
Greetings from Holland - Rotterdam.
p.s Rotterdam is a big tribe city. You + crew are welcome in the future to visit here. But first the Matis.
Succes en tot ziens

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