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Happiness in an Ugly Town

Posted from: San Lorenzo
I'm in the little jungle town of San Lorenzo. The electric light is coming on and off after a storm so I hope I won't lose what I write. I've just shown the website to a lovely girl called Frida who works in this tiny wooden internet cafe and I was going to call this town a 'horrible little place in the middle of the jungle' but I don't want to offend Frida if she ever reads this blog!

When we got here this morning. Steve said that he has never been so happy to see such an ugly place and it's because we have spent 28 hours on a boat journey along the Huitayaco River and the Maranon. There were so many logs along the river that the boatman had to slow down to avoid them, so we were very delayed and had to carry on overnight so that we don't miss our plane to fly back to England.

The team arrive in San Lorenzo after their 28 hour journey on a small boat

On the way in I had cunningly built a bed on the top of the luggage boat, with a mattress. Every now and then Angel, the fixer, offered me canned peaches and as I watched the amazing jungle scenery I felt like Cleopatra going down the Nile. The way back was a very different matter. I had been downgraded to lie between a fuel barrel and a kid that kicked my head every now and then. We also ran out of food and drinking was not a good idea because we were in a hurry and loo stops were rationed.

I managed to sleep being woken up every now and then by a collision with a log, the swearing of Gerson (our captain), or the kid kicking me in the head.

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