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Contact Impossible

Posted from: Wijint
We are here in Wijint and contacting the office is really difficult so we'll have to send all our website content when we're back in San seems impossible to send things with the transmission kit here - it takes 45 minutes for one file, which is just impossible when we're running it from a generator.

It's difficult here. The film we are making is much more like a typical Tribe film so we need to wait a lot longer to build relationships with people, which is hard because we need lots of long meetings with people, in just a short space of time. So for this reason we're not moving on straight away, we're going to remain here to film.

Almu with one of the Achuar families
Almu with one of the Achuar families

The Achuar are lovely people, very colourful but quite shy. We had a great fishing trip with them but on the way turned over a log with a beehive inside, so we had to run for it and were jumping around with the bees following us! Didn't get stung - a relief! Missing home. We'll be in touch as soon as we can.

This blog was transcribed from a satellite phone conversation

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