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Matt Brandon

A difficult story to tell

Posted from:Journey to Angostura
It's cold and snowing and today we're setting off on the arduous trek to Angostura. Everyone is pretty tired, a combination of hard work, altitude and waking up at 3am freezing in the tent. The absolute last thing I wanted to do this morning was get out of my sleeping bag and I don't think I was the only one.

Matt N, Matt B and Zubin wrap up warm
Matt N, Matt B and Zubin wrap up warm

We've got lots of clips for the website but I am getting annoyed with the transmission kit not working. The laptop keeps crashing and we can't send clips back at the moment. It's frustrating because it's so time consuming - your fingers get freezing messing around with all the satellite modem settings and then it doesn't work. The kit is pretty heavy too, and together with all our camera equipment it's too heavy for the llamas to carry so we're having to take it in two journeys.

The Amazon team at work
The Amazon team at work

We're all really pleased with the filming and experiences we've had at the source, but the source of the Amazon is a difficult story to tell and it's been difficult to film.

See a slideshow of the crew filming at the source

Because of technical problems, this blog was dictated to the team in Cardiff by satellite phone


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