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Is enough being done to protect women from sexual violence?

Africa HYS team | 12:50 UK time, Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Peaceful protests have been taking place in Nigeria today calling for more to be done to protect women from sexual violence.

A rape victim  

In particular, the marchers on the streets on Wednesday were demanding that action be taken over the recent case of the gang-rape of a woman which was posted on the internet.

The video has shocked Nigerians both because of the brutal nature of the rape and the initial failure of the authorities to investigate it.

What followed was a sustained campaign on social networks to force the police  into action and to uncover clues from the video that might identify the culprits.

How common is sexual violence against women in your country? How are these issues dealt with? Does your society even discuss rape, or is it a taboo subject?

If you would like to debate this topic LIVE on air on Wednesday 5 October at 1600 GMT, please include a telephone number. It will not be published.


  • Comment number 1.

    Most times it is not that there is no trust in the justice system. Some people just believe in solving the problem quietly at home. Maybe with some compensation paid to the family members of the victim. This has been a major challenge for human rights institutions who prosecute these violations in my country for instance.

    Josephus Ellie from Freetown

  • Comment number 2.

    Many cultures still do not think woman own their bodies and until that thinking changes women somewhere will continue to face sexual violence.


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