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Can Nigeria unite behind Jonathan?

BBC Africa HYS Team | 11:35 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Thousands of people have fled their homes in northern Nigeria after clashes following the election of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan. What does this mean for Nigeria?


Election observers have given the poll a broadly clean bill of health, but some supporters of the runner-up candidate General Muhammadu Buhari insist the election was rigged. Are they just poor losers? Do you think the vote was credible?

President Jonathan has appealed for an end to "unnecessary and avoidable" post-election violence and killing, while imposing a curfew. But can he heal the ethnic and religious divisions that still appear to dominate Nigerian politics?

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  • Comment number 1.

    I do not want to congratulate Goodluck Jonathan as yet. Election in itself can never be described beyond being free and fair in all aspect. It is unfortunate civilians are counting the costs. I advise to ease tension and escalation of violence, General Muhammadu should play a role in calming the situation otherwise the country will decend to genocide. [Personal details removed by Moderator]

  • Comment number 2.

    It seems to me Africans are not yet ready for democracy. It´s always the same business: when elections are held in any African country, there´re always allegations of electoral rigging even if the International observers declare them free and fair. Believe me, if Africa keeps on this way, the continent will no get further. It´s disappointing when you always hear about killings and humanitarian crisis resulting from elections in Africa. Recently it was Ivory Coast and now Nigeria and the for sure another country will follow. Please enough is enough, let´s change my fellow Africans.

    Firmino Abilio
    Maputo, Mozambique

  • Comment number 3.

    When Africans were colonized, they fought for independence. Now that they are independent and tasted what democracy is like, they are still fighting. Why do we always fight? Fight, fight, fight, and more fighting. That's all we do. I am just sick of all the fighting. With all the economic wealth and power Nigeria has, do you know where they would have been if all this was channeled positively?
    I think some of these countries in Africa - Ivory Coast, Nigeria, etc. should take a page or chapter from Paul Kagame's book from Rwanda to move their country forward. I don't know all the political facts in Rwanda, but compared to 10 years ago, this is a shining beacon for that region. Even it means keeping in Paul Kagame for another 20 years in power, because either it means that African's just don't know how to rule themselves or they may never appreciate peace. Maybe, just maybe democracy was not meant for some of us after all.

  • Comment number 4.

    I'm afraid President Johnathan cannot resolve the ethnic and other conflicts in Nigeria. This stems mainly from the fact that the underlying issues cannot be resolved without the involvement of the other factions. These issues include religious persecution, suspicion, ethnicity, corruption, etc. which are all fed on by the power-brokers who are not ready to accommodate the other.
    It is my wish that Jonathan would break form the past and heal the country, but I'm afraid he has no real power to do that.

  • Comment number 5.

    I believe that these acts of violence are very unfortunate. The international observers gave the elction a clean bill of health, with some recommendations for improvement. If it true that there had been some rigging, I do not believe that such would have affected the outcome of the election result. The results in States like Plateau and Benue did not suprise me, as these two states have more Christians than Muslims and hence would have voted for Dr GoodLuck Johnathan. I was even surprised that the CPC did as good as it did in Plateau State. I must commend both President Johnathan and General Buhari with the way they have responded to the violence.

  • Comment number 6.

    Nigeria election: Goodluck Jonathan 'to win outright'. However, some results in individual states have been suspiciously high. - BBC News (4/17/2011)

  • Comment number 7.

    In my place, I returned to vote after my accreditation only to hear that everything is over: that is, they have thumb-printed the entire ballot papers. When I tried to protest they said 'na we we'. Then I reminded them that because I am from the Niger Delta does not mean I must vote for Jonathan and that they have no right to thumb-print for me.

  • Comment number 8.

    there is a stigma to the unity of nigeria behind whoever is standing, nigeria have a big problem when it come to unity, first of all is the large number of enthnics groups and the differents religions with thier mis_preach, the way to unity remain a great battle in nigeria, thou it can be complex if there is enough educatons on socials lives and the need to make it more ovious and lay more emphasis on the equal right that every nigerian no matter the socials or the economic class that everybody should be treated equally with respect and learn to give value to life

  • Comment number 9.

    As it happens, I don't believe Mr Johnathan or his friends in the ruling PDP can ever be the solution to Nigeria's problems. Don't take my word for it: just read his own unprompted "confessions" to the US Ambassador, published by WikiLeaks, about his lack of self-confidence in assuming this position. In any event, this is no longer about Mr Johnathan or the meaningless notion of "unity." We've endured this "unity" since independence, after all, and look where it's got us. The question, in my view, is whether the Islamic north is prepared to accept that no part of Nigeria should have a veto on who rules the country. (I say "Islamic north" because the Christians who live there don't seem to have any problem with this basic and very reasonable expectation.) If they're not willing to accept the idea of peaceful co-existence on the basis of equality with the rest of us, the time has come for us to ask them to leave this ever-elusive union. Given that Mr Johnathan, by his own admission, is temperamentally incapable of passing that message on, my fear is that the people of the south might soon be forced to do so themselves. I hope to God that I'm wrong.

  • Comment number 10.

    Been a Nigerian born during the last civil war,i think our northern brothers and fellow citizens should stop biting the fingers that fed them.Its is very disappointing to see what is happening in northern Nigeria,i cant understand people demonstrating against a patroitic Nigerian who was fairly elected to serve them,forgeting that the major resources of this great nation is from the region of this president who´s interest is to serve all Nigerians.NIGERIAN LEDERSHIP IS NOT FOR JUST NOTHERNERS......whoever the crown fits should wear it.

  • Comment number 11.

    I really sympathized with my northern brothers for the unwarranted loss of lives and properties, simply because their candidate lost an election. My other problem with these perpetrators, was the way they have carried out these unwarranted anger. They took the law into their hands. This is the result of long term suffering and frustration of these people. You need to travel to the northern part of Nigeria, to appreciate the level of poverty in this region. the poverty was not caused by lack of resources, but lack of education. The past and present northern leaders, consistently religious sentiments to misinformed these people and thus put their their mind away from the importance of education as a tool to fight poverty. I have witnessed one of these riots, some time ago. At this time, I was able to ask one of the riots, what is this the riot about?..I was surprised, when one of them said, he had no Idea why he was fighting. 'That someone just gave them N250 (£1) each, to start attacking Christians. This is as bad as it has been. These northern politicians or leaders need these people to be perceptually poor, so that they could be used for their selfish motives. Buhari lost the election in the southern part of the country, because he has always been regarded as a religious bigot. In other to prove people wrong, he went ahead to appoint a popular southern pastor as his running mate.The country is already moving away from religious and ethic bigotry, through inter marriages and national Youth Service corps cross state postings. However we should understand that for every change situation, there is always resistance. I mean, those who wants the status quo to continue. Jonathan got 25% of votes cast in 31 states out of 36, including Abuja. This means that, he got votes from both Christian and Muslims across the length and breath of the country. The president elect should now sit down and ensure that the northerners are properly educated as their southern counterparts.

  • Comment number 12.

    But when shall there ever be genuine victory in African elections? The impression African Politicians give is like every other election is rigged. Shame. No body should ever take these routine allegetions serious.

  • Comment number 13.

    I felt very sad seeing all these befalling Africa,it's high time Africa rise to his responsibility and allow the changes we deserve.All we need most is orientation and not until we grow to have respect and value for human life and existence we can't go far.There will always have to be a winner and the looser can always try some other time.THANKS AND GBU!

  • Comment number 14.

    I think president Good-luck Johnathan has not been lucky enough to unite the millions of Nigeria in this poll, however, there is still hope that a solution would be found if Gen. Buhari accept a defeat and call for calm.

  • Comment number 15.

    Buhari you lost the election woefully, be man enough and accept it. Please put an end to all these destructions especially in the areas you won, by accepting defeat hounourablly and with dignity. This will pour very cool water on these uncalled for opportunistic paid protests. Buhari stand up very tall, pick up the telephone now, invite the world press and congratulate Goodluck Jonathan. Save your self and your supporters these unesssesary pains NOW!!!

  • Comment number 16.

    International Observers have given this year’s Nigerian election a clean bill of health.
    General Buhari and his supporters are nothing but poor losers.The General is also sending mixed messages. On one hand, he condemned the violence perpetrated by his supporters while insisting the elections was rigged.
    If he really wants to quell the violence erupting in the North, as a result of him losing, he should tell his supporters and the country that the people have spoken by voting overwhelmingly for Goodluck Jonathan and the election final result should be respected, despite any shortcomings.
    There are no perfect elections anywhere in the world. Democracy and elections in Nigeria can only get better. Losing candidates and their supporters need to learn how to lose gracefully without resorting to violence.
    But, more importantly, anyone found breaking the law by resorting to violence in protest of the election result should be prosecuted fully and punished as a deterrent.
    As for the ethnic/religious and regional divisions that still appear to dominate Nigerian politics, a problem which is more pronounced between the North and South, maybe, and just maybe Nigeria, like the Sudan, should let Nigerians vote on a referendum on whether the country should be divided into two separate countries – North and South. Earlier, in the election campaign, the whole world learned that PDP – the ruling party since 1999 have an “unwritten rule” in its constitution of rotating presidential candidates between North and South. If the North/Northerners want to form its own country maybe the South and the rest of Nigeria should let them do so.

  • Comment number 17.

    Plagued by unemployment and idleness, the Muslim youths seem to be on standby and ready at all time to foment trouble which unfortunately often targets the Christians that live in their communities. The one knowledge they seem to have crystallizes the differences between them and others in their communities that don’t practice their religion. By all probability, 4 years from now when we finish counting votes in another presidential election and it does not work to their satisfaction, they are sure to be back in the Christians neighborhood killing innocent people. It is my hope and my prayer that the visionary administration of Dr. Jonathan that we are about to experience will change all this.

  • Comment number 18.

    Goodluck should make sure he provide job and make sure the industries in the north are back that would create job for the youth which will make them forget about fighting each other, unemployement is high especially in the north they are all the cause.

  • Comment number 19.

    Why do we need politicians? if every election in Africa is going to end up like Zimbabwe, Kenya La Cote D'Ivory and now Nigeria. Why do citizenry have to waste their time and may be their lives so someone can get a job as a President or Parliamentrian?

  • Comment number 20.

    Nigeria will unite with Dr. Jonathan to defend the Mandate. People voted for Dr. Jonathan not for the political party called PDP. The irate youths are just hooligans that do not know how the Nigeria constitution works in a Presidential Election... The Advocates of Zoning sensitized the youths to expect a northern President or Buhari...The so-call north do north exist politically. The Plateau and Benue people would not like to see Buhari elected as President because of his (Buhari) biased support of his nomad Fulani’s tribes men clashes with the former. These youths are radical Islamist in training because they have no other gainful program academically or training. The south respond will make them realized they are biting the fingers that feeds them.

  • Comment number 21.

    It is very discouraging in Nigerian political debate to assume that 'it was free and fair' when the results are in favour and on the other side to assume 'it was a voting robbery' when their candidate lost. I think the so called leaders who believe the position is a birth right and it therefore must be a do or die affair should start learning the theory of sportsmanship. Looking at the political calculation of the country, there was no magic Buhari could perform to get him the winning cap based on the regional acceptability and Northern oriented political party he represented. People Democratic Party notwithstanding her hatred and propagandistic attack by her opposition, remain the largest party in Nigeria if not in African Continent. There are unnecessary 63 political parties and prior to the election, 47 parties have given their support to Goodluck Jonathan, the flag bearer of PDP. It is very pertinent to note that Goodluck Jonathan comes from South South political zone of the country and being the only candidate from that zone, he was expected to have a solidarity votes from the region while Buhari from Northern region had two prominent opponents (Shekarau and Ribadu) from the same region. The region's votes would absolutely be shared by the three contestants. South West also favoured the president elect.How could a regional party win a national election in this scenario? Another factor to consider is that the post election mayhem is beyond political causal attribution. Any iota of unrest in the Northern part is always targeted at the Christian community. While I will keep on campaigning for the unity of Nigeria, I will not fail to analyse the problem of Nigeria without considering the heterogeneity that is existing.

  • Comment number 22.

    I agree with Ayo Deveneaux on Rwanda. It is the only country in Africa ( apart from SA) with an economy looking to a brighter future. African nations need to learn from Kigali and African head of states need to call Kagame for advice. Love him or hate him he is the man.

  • Comment number 23.

    Another form of democratic government without presidency, is what should be recommend in most Africa's countries. And considering the level of atrocities that had occured in ivory coast and now nigeria; one can easily comprehend the fact, that modification is needed to balance things in the system. Athough democracy is the best government for any modern's society; unfortunately it isn't in africa, because too many cultures, tribes and contrast metality.

  • Comment number 24.

    The Nigerian project is simply not viable. it was never viable from the start. The words of Obafami Owolowo keeps resonating. Nigeria is a mere geographical expression. simply divide up the country. Its not contemplatable in the North as all the Oil is in the South. However, this has to be seriously considired. Some times its just difficult to live with Moslems. Have them live on thier own and practice thier sharia.

  • Comment number 25.

    I live in Kaduna and a Yoruba from the South West of Nigeria. The violence we are seeing is very unfortunate. The election last Saturday in Kaduna was violence free, but not free and fair especially in Southern Parts of the state. However, there are constitutional means of seeking redress and those should have been used. People are aggrieved because they know it is not easy to get justice in the courts especially with the recent bribery allegation among senior judges in recent times. people are saying PDP did not get the 25% constitutional requirement in Kaduna in a free and fair way.

  • Comment number 26.

    The election is over and somebody have been declared as winner. We as a country should look ahead. The problems facing this country are enormous. We should face them squarely from now, instead of dissipating energy contesting the result of the election. I voted for the General. We can still contribute to the future of the country even if we are not in power. Corruption is the major problem in Nigeria, we should accept the result of the election and ensure PDP do not have the opportunity of looting this country.

  • Comment number 27.

    oh!nigeria,i dont know what to say,from history we have it that we have actually strouguled to have a country instead of having a country.am not supprice at what is happening in the north,i only bleam the so called almalgamation of of north and south. we are not the same,culturally,reglionously and other wise.i voted person and not party.PDP is not my choice but my president Goodluck as a person.take it or leave it we are not one and can never be one.our leaders are trying to make it work but north will never take it because they want to be the ruling class.imagine when they believe,they are born to rule.thanks only the Almighty God will see us to the End.

  • Comment number 28.

    I will try to add my own two pence........The origin of Nigeria's problems can be easily traced to the year 1914 when Britain (for its selfish interest) decided to join the North with the South. Even nature had tried to prevent this knowing our incompatibility and divided us by 2 rivers (Rivers Niger & Benue). Lord Luggard decided that to maximize profit for Britain (North had cash crops & South holds the oil) and avoid losing any part to France. As history since then has shown, Nigeria finds it difficult as the people in the North & South are two diverse. Thats it, my own little contribution, taking you back to source as this issue has been overflogged. Now are you sorry Britain? Well, you should

  • Comment number 29.

    Democracy is rarely feasible in an ethnically and religiously diverse nation like Nigeria. People vote with their heart around ethnicity and not political party policies or the charismatic nature of a presidential candidate. It's a structure that does not match with democracy and the earlier we accept this,the better.
    Jonathan can only try to suppress the situation with his military forces, and when issues remain suppressed rather than resolved, it will always remain a timing bomb waiting for a trigger. The truth is that Nigeria needs to be divided into northern and southern Nigeria.Yet again,America and Britain will not support this move because it will affect their economic ties. They love the country in crisis supporting the divide and rule strategy.

  • Comment number 30.

    I'm sorry, but I don't agree with those urging us to simply "move on" from this latest manifestation of murderous intolerance by the Islamic north. Where on earth to? We've been "moving on" from this mindset since independence and the civil war, but look where we've arrived at!

    I agree that there is an urgent need to focus on the problems associated with our shocking state of economic underdevelopment, but how can we ever achieve development when a section of our so-called country (which has never been a country in any rational sense, in fact) considers itself entitled to determine who governs it, regardless of our people's democratic preference? More to the point, isn't this the root cause of our underdevelopment, as policy decisions are invariably dictated by such sectional interests, rather than by economic imperatives? Indeed, as I write, we can't even have a credible national census (without which you obviously can't have a strategy for sustainable development of any kind) without one group seeking to inflate the figures as a way of asserting dominance. "Move on" to our inevitable doom?

  • Comment number 31.

    The nature of the post-colonial state has been brought to the fore. This elections has exposed the extent to which religion and ethnicity has remained dominant in the political experience of Nigeria. The country remained divided as it were centuries back, Nigeria still remain a ‘mere geographical expression’, a ‘nation only on paper’. Worse still, the political class has feed on these dichotomies in their quest to remain relevant and claim some political spheres of influence. The way forward is a reorientation and civil education for the new generation, robust and well trained security agencies that can forecast trouble times and provided relevant security arrangements for such situations. But more importantly, a Sovereign National Conference that will address all issues affecting the nation state. The SNC remains the only viable path to take if we must avert this ‘coming anarchy’.

  • Comment number 32.

    Does this riot actually made any sense? These rioters are actually attacking their own people, where their own party won and not where they lost. If there is any part of the country, that should cry foul, it should be the south west, where the most popular party (ACN) in that region lost. I am therefore not surprised about what is happening in that region. Gen. Buhari is never a democrat and he appeared to be very desperate to rule. Was it not the same Gen Buhari that truncated the democratic government of a fellow northerner, Alh. Shehu Shagari in 1983. Does he think, those people will ever forgive him?.. As for my friend and compatriot Akpan, we need people like him to go back to Nigeria, to use his exposure and education to help his country. He can set up a charity or NGO. you do not need to be in government to make a difference. Condemning the country or any body presented by the country will not solve any problem. All of us should rise up to help. Europe was not built by the Government alone.

  • Comment number 33.

    And I hope the rest of the country does not choose to "stand behind" Mr Johnathan as the question suggests, because his natural inclination (like Obasanjo before him) seems to be the endless appeasement of these murderous so-called "religious" nutters - when what is needed is decisive and firm leadership. I'm not sure a so-called Sovereign National Conference (as suggested above) is the solution, but we really do need urgently to re-define the nature of our co-existence - if we really must remain together henceforth. Enough is enough!

  • Comment number 34.

    I commend Deessy for being factual of how the Nign. Sat. April 16, Presidential election was conducted at his/her polling unit in the Niger Delta region, southern Nig. I also wish to use same and call on both the domestic and international observers to redirect the perception of the world on fairness, freeness and credibility of the poll. There are many Deessies that have not spoken and the southern Nig's. results are reflective of influences of flaws.

  • Comment number 35.

    the north and south dichotomy of nigeria politics is beyond religoin divide, nigeria problem is more than the 2 identify problem by the international community.Nigeria has the most complicated socio-political problem even the root of the problem can not be identify, people do blame the british, and my question why cant we live peacefully side by side as normal human being does. No amount of rhetorics, systems or theories can be apply by politicians,clergymen,scholars and mediating international community. I can identify 6 problems with nigeria,yoruba, hausa,ibo,the minority, christians and muslims and to solve this problem if govt can spend more infrastructure, electricity,health care and unemployment and education rather spending money on election campaign and political violence. The money spent on election in nigeria is almost the same with nigeria budget.. this nonsense need to stop!!!!!!!!

  • Comment number 36.

    Yes and No. Yes, because Nigerians now know that Nigeria is bigger than individuals, groups of individuals and regions. It is unity that fosters peace and it is peace that fosters prosperity. No, because there will always be oppositions and this is what brings checks and balances to the system. DIVERSITY IS WHAT MAKES A GREAT NATION.

  • Comment number 37.

    fellow Nigerians,let us not be provoked by this post election riots in the north,but as the President said this morning,enough is enough,the perpetrators of this evil acts must be fished out and brought to justice,why can`t the losers of this presidential election congratulate the winner and join hands to make Nigeria greater and better, Buhari won in the north, why didn`t we see riots in other northern states ?why did the south not rioted,we knew how the voters were intimidated and bribed to vote for a northern candidate and a muslim only,the northern mafia couldn`t live to see a NEW NIGERIA ,best for them is to educate their wards to eschew UNITY and work hard now for a better NIGERIA for all,no more zoning,let the best MAN be accepted by Nigerians in any capacity to leads,this is democracy,if He fails to perform well then we vote Him out in the next election,let these ignorants grow up and learn from their past mistakes,we do not want to go back to 1967,millions of Northerners voted for CHANGE as well as Southerners,this is a new MANDATE for GEJ to create a new NIGERIA and we will not allow some bad people to scuttle it, Let us work in UNITY and make NIGERIA GREAT. Good luck Nigeria,Long live Nigeria, God bless Nigeria,

  • Comment number 38.

    Jonathan Goodluck we are tired of all talks, jaw, jaw, please go and perform now that you have got the people's clear mandate. Nigeria has to develope massively, the economy has to develope and expand massively and good paying jobs have to be created for the teaming able bodied unemployed. Goodluck Jonathan you must fight corruption at all levels not with just meanless words but with verifiable deeds and actions. If you fail in these tasks you will not have anyone to blames but yourself. Should that happens THe Almighty God forbids, then inevitably Tunisia, Egypt, Lybya, Yemmen will be unleached on your government with the greatest ferocity and alacrity. I rest my case.

  • Comment number 39.

    To ABBEY: I very nearly agreed with you, until I read your suggestion that the country needs people like me. Why, may I ask you, do you think some of us now choose to live abroad in the first place? Isn't it precisely because of our realization that there's no chance of us making a difference? Indeed, what makes you so sure that I haven't tried my desperate best to change things back home, when you obviously have no idea who I am, or the circumstances in which I left?

    Regarding your suggestion that I set up an NGO, can you really be serious? Do we not already have too many of such organizations all over our continent? In any event, can you name one country in the world that ever achieved economic development through the activities of NGOs? As for your assertion that Europe was not built by governments alone, you're seriously mistaken, if only because you ignore the role that the state has played historically - and continues to play to this day, e.g., in creating basic infrastructure and effective institutions without which no policy decision can ever be translated into desired results. And this, by the way, is the case even in the USA, where the market supposedly determines everything.

    You also seem to have a thing against criticism. First, why do you think my criticism of those responsible for this murderous thuggery amounts to a criticism of my country? In any event, what would be wrong with criticizing one's own country, even if that were possible? Do you not routinely subject your own self to self-criticism? Or are you one of those people who are never wrong?

    But I agree with your point that one doesn't have to be in government to make a difference, though your assertion here becomes undermined by your suggestion that one needs to be back home to make that difference: why, for example, can't I run an NGO from Outer Mongolia, if NGOs are indeed the way forward?

  • Comment number 40.

    Nigeria the land of gold, honey and human resources all buried in the small minds of its leaders. Simply put, problems of africa have always been with the selfishness of its leaders. For example, there is riot after a 'peaceful' (recognised as unique in Nigeria's history) election. An important leader like 'Buhari' if indeed care for the lives of Nigerian citizens should be calling for calm and accept that he lost the election. Most especially since this riot is from the 'North'. A lot of people associate violence to Islam, it is happening again in Nigeria. When a leader like Buhari, cannot speak calm to such a situation, what exactly is he saying about his religion. I am a Christian and I have Hausa friends who are Muslims and who have no bone of violence in their system. Looking back into Nigerian history of public violence that mostly occurred in the North, it is usually the case of Muslims attacking the Christians. As Nigerians, we have survived together. We have won victories together. We speak over 400 languages. It is ironic that we rarely have ethnic clashes but always clashing over religion. My God said to me turn the other cheek if slapped. I do not know anything about the Koran, however I believe that Allah would not support the killing of an innocent man (Am i right peeps?). It is only logical to think that. I would recommend that Africans and African leaders should pick up a copy of 'A Thousand Years of West African History' to learn more about who we are and where we are coming from. I spent my youthful years learning that the whites are better than me no matter what! through things like Mungo Park discovered 'River Niger'. We were tested in examination for that! Isaac Newton's discovery of gravitational force is not new to the Yorubas. it is the same thing as 'Lala to r'oke ile l'ombo' Our historical weakness which is 'slavery' destroyed who we were. 500 years of slavery, executed who we were. Please let us learn and reform ourselves and grow to appreciate ourselves. Goodluck, Buhari, Babangida, Obasanjo, Soyinka, and every other living legend in Nigeria, please use your leadership for the growth of Nigeria.

  • Comment number 41.

    I think we should play down on the general use of the word 'north' in this debate. The northern part of Nigeria had since been divided into three regions, namely north east, north west and the north central. Unfortunately, the whole region had consequently been polarized along this line. The old notion of 'one north' had since ceased to exist. This is manifested in the voting pattern in the presidential elections of 1993 and 2011. Change is currently going on in the country. People are beginning to put behind them, the mistake of 1914 by the British. However, there is no way we can avoid resistance to change. This resistance was exhibited during the last unwarranted riot in the north west part of the country. The old campaign that, the north should be made to have the political power, since the south had always held the economic power, had since given way to the stack reality of the times. The rotational presidency idea, currently enshrined in the PDP unwritten rule was seriously debated before the PDP primaries and it was subsequently jettisoned. In the aftermath, there were three so called northern presidential candidate that contested against Jonathan, yet none of them could gather enough votes to win the presidential general election. The current Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria is from the north west part of the country. The gentleman is doing a wonderful job, to which he had won several awards, including the Times magazines 11th most influential persons in the world. Mrs Okonjo Iweala is from the eastern part of the country and she did wonderful jobs as the minister of Finance, while working under the former president. Therefore who cares where you come from, as long as you can do the job. All Nigerian should stand behind Jonathan, for effective leadership. people actually voted for Jonathan, not PDP. after all Obasajo's daughter lost in her farther' ward. I have come to realize that president Jonathan is not stupid. He knows what he is doing. He is a tactical politician. People underestimated him until after the PDP primaries. The world is watching Nigeria now than before. I would urge all Nigerian wherever they are, not to condemn but criticize constructively and make contributions, where you have the opportunity. No country or organisation gives you an award for condemning your country or its people, but when you make contribution to effect change. whatever we say or write reflect on our person, anywhere we appear as a Nigerian. The case of the Central bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi, Mr Wole Soyinka, and Mrs Okonjo Iwuala, should be enough incentives for us to stand up and help our northern brothers, who are being used by their selfish politician to perpetuate this act of criminality. Education is the Key to human liberty, freedom and emancipation. BBC world service is also doing wonderfully well to give us a platform to express our grievances and happiness, unlike aljazeera that tend to promote hatred and war.

  • Comment number 42.

    So some parts of Nigeria will grind to a halt, because Buhari lost an election, that most people judged to be free and fair? Buhari in 1983 sneaked in through the back door with a coup to lead Nigeria by brute force, I hope this is not his game plan this time around. Buhari be put on notice that this time we are willing, able and ready to resist with the last drop of our blood any military intervention. It was allowed in 1983 because all and sundry knew that the then NPN rigged that election.
    I hope the CPC, Buhari, Tony Momoh, etc. can eat with and drink the very salty soup they are preparing. They should NOW move on, stop being bad losers and give Nigeria a brake. On the other hand Goodluck Jonathan should start performing and stop this uncalleId for jaw jaw.

  • Comment number 43.

    As far as I can make out so far, BBC reporters seem to have overlooked the fact that the post-presidential election rioters in the north attacked many Muslims as well, including Emirs and other highly placed people. Surely that is very important in any discussion on the subject!

  • Comment number 44.

    Good day to all,o Africa what a nation blessed with natural resources and humanitarian needs but it's a pity that Development has been her greatest challenges.Let mr president call on the most problematic region part of Nigeria-NORTH,and with their elders inorder to educate and sensitise those youth in that states.

  • Comment number 45.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 46.

    So some parts of Nigeria will grind to a halt, because Buhari lost an election, that most people judged to be free and fair? Buhari in 1983 sneaked in through the back door with a coup to lead Nigeria by brute force, I hope this is not his game plan this time around. Buhari be put on notice that this time we are willing, able and ready to resist with the last drop of our blood any military intervention. It was allowed in 1983 because all and sundry knew that the then NPN rigged that election.
    I hope the CPC, Buhari, Tony Momoh, etc. can eat with and drink the very salty soup they are preparing. They should NOW move on, stop being bad losers and give Nigeria a brake. On the other hand Goodluck Jonathan should start performing and stop this uncalleId for jaw jaw.

    Patrick Agbobu London UK


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