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Can corruption ever be eliminated?

BBC AfricaHYS team | 13:06 UK time, Thursday, 3 February 2011

Farida Waziri, Chairman of Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is quoted as saying "there is no way you can eradicate corruption in this country," though she stressed "we will do everything humanly possible to fight the scourge."

Is she right? Can corruption be eliminated completely or will there always be an element of corruption in any society? Indeed in our daily lives - whether we are prepared to pay a "bribe" or help a relative get a job - do we contribute to its continued existence?

Or is adopting and enforcing  a policy of zero tolerance from top to bottom the only way to prevent corruption?

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    It is problematic to change people’s way of thinking, particularly those who rely on corruption to prosper, let alone survive. Such people see wind in the rain, filled with dust of a fierce hail storm, preceded by whirlwind as the only way to advance their economic activities. They dance inside the circling wind not knowing that if they had let the wind pass, society will do better in economic activities now available to the entire population. In fact corruption retards economic growth because only those with money can afford to pay or take bribes and therefore shutting out the other people with no money.

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    If corruption persists it becomes even more difficult for everyone but only beautiful people will have babies, the poor will baby sit and the rich will pay taxes in the form of bribes. So what is the result of these dishonest practices? They impose limits on domestic economic growth of an entire country.

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    Corruption brings out the greed in some people. It is like feeding crocodiles the more they get the more they want.

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    You can never eradicate corruption in any given society, to be sure, and those who make such promises are either deluded or deceitful. You only need to look at the UK, for example, where a number of MPs and Peers have either been jailed or are currently being tried for fiddling their expenses, to realize how ingrained it is within any political process. The entire US political system is rotten to the core and beyond, thanks to a system of campaign funding that makes elected representatives beholden almost exclusively to their pay-masters, thus making a complete mockery of the entire democratic process. And a recent Supreme Court decision has effectively validated this state of affairs. Indeed, the recent child abuse scandal (and the subsequent cover-ups), and the equally much-publicized financial impropriety in the Vatican demonstrate that even a supposedly sacred institution isn't immune from corruption.

    What is different in the Nigerian context, therefore, isn't the existence of corruption per se, but the extent to which it has impeded the most elementary governmental functions such as the provision of pipe-borne water or refuse collection - never mind the more challenging ones, e.g., the provision of basic state infrastructure, without which you simply can't achieve economic development.

    Mrs Waziri is therefore right in her assertion, but only because as a product of the same rotten system she describes, she naturally can't envisage any change. Yet, the solution couldn't be simpler: a serious attempt at the very top aimed at reducing it, through the non-discriminatory punishment of the main culprits. Instead, what we have is a system where only the big man's enemies are ever singled out for punishment, and the poor and powerless remain eternal victims of grave injustices at the hands of the police and the courts.

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    I think it absurd for the head of the corruption agency to publicly admit corruption can not be eradicated in Nigeria. But am glad she says she will work to contain the monster that has prevented us from moving forward as nation.
    Corruption has permeated every fabric of the Nigerian nation existence that we now see it as part of the system. It is so systemically entrenched that we could no longer tell what is corruption.
    Rightly so, eradiction of corruption needs to start from the top down- from the Presidency down to the common man on the street. We need trasparency in government.
    Case in point, how could Farida not go after the law makers who failed to establish satelite offices in the area they represent at least we know they collect money from the FG for the offices that was never in place.
    I rest my case.

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    I support Ferida a hundred Percent.As long as man live and have blood running thru his veins corruption can never be eradicated.

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    It is not possible to eliminate corruption. It is the way of life for some folks out there. The world can only expose, impose consequences and move on. Greed is such a terrible disease with no known cure. Even those who are corrupt claim that they are seeking a cure from this addiction but meantime they just can’t help it.

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    This question is so dumb and stupid that it must be rhetorical. Encourage real debate.

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    if really we want to eliminate corruption, we should ask ourselef first why is someone been corrupt. I believe no one is born corrupt is just because of enviroment and moreover lack of salary by greedy government. If for example a police man is been paid 50 dollars which will only last for five days how do u expect the police man to live. Untill we address the salary situation and improve the standard of living of the people before we think about how we can eliminate corroption. A sierraleonean living in munich festus kargbo

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    I agree with Chairwoman,Farida Waziri. Like any negative human vices or behaviors, corruption, theft, prostitution, rape etc. are impossible to eradicate.But, bringing these societal ills to the barest minimum is a more achievable goal than eradicating them. It should be noted that corruption is not unique to Africa or developing countries. There is corruption in the West or developed countries also. The biggest difference is that corruption in the West is covert and more sophisticated while it is so flagrant in the rest of the world. Bernie Madoff, an American financial advisor/brokerage firm owner,recently defrauded thousands of investors to the tune of billion of dollars. That’s billion with a “B”. This makes the so-called “419 Nigerian Scams” looks like a child’s play. It has also been widely been reported that, the collapse of the U.S. housing market, was due to an elaborate scheme in which investors, mortgage banks and the real estate professionals all helped homebuyers get into over-valued properties and ones they knew the home buyers could not afford. I do not condone fraud in any form, but, anyone, especially those in the west, who are willing to give their bank account numbers and money to some strangers in return to share multi-million dollars in loot or stolen money, are just as guilty as their alleged fraudsters. We all know that death penalty, lengthy prison terms and other forms of punishments have failed to deter or eradicate crimes. Therefore, eradication of corruption would be impossible. Having said that,I believe that individuals, people in power and society as a whole, should do their best to reduce crimes including corruption to the barest minimum.

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    UK, Swiss, French, and Australian banks should resend Stolen funds from African countries back to the countries of origin treasuries. Aid recipient states should improve government procurement procedures. Improved ICT in management of government functions like minimizing cashier centers in the police force, creating a police database, a credit rating agency, and improving citizen police ratio.
    Courts should hold people accountable, crimes like public land grabbing, Management of local development funds should be consistently audited. An effective short procedure court with an auction should be used to sell impounded corruption assets and the proceeds should return to the treasury. Police prosecutors should be replaced with trained lawyers to increase government side to win.
    Corrupt judges should be fired.
    Corrupt government officials should be denied from participating in any public offices. Some jail time with no possibility of posting bail.

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    GFI has recorded the illicit flows of funds into Tax Havens from corruption etc.Tax Havens will sustain and corruption also.Corruption and tax havens can never be eliminated and powerful western countries are themselves not able to remove them ,so Corruption Money is safely stashed and invested in Stock Markets,commodities and land.All this is known and this injustices have been done and will goon unpunished.

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    I would say that corruption is an intergra part of human existence, however it can be reduced but not absolutely eradicated. If everyone stands up for it , then collectively we have reduced it but not eradicated it because there are individuals who are looking for the simplest chance to exhibit such act.
    Helping people be it relatives or friends to get a job is part of corruption which is common in every society be it developing, developed and under-developed, the question is what is the degree it happens in one society relative to others.

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    Funny enough I thought of the same question today (Feb 3rd, 2011) and I came to a conclusion that corruption cannot be COMPLETLEY eliminated. Even in the "so called" developed nations, corruption can be found. The question should be, how can corruption be reduced and managed? To tackle this "beast" called corruption, the governmemt MUST start slow and steady so as to get discouraged.

    Nigeria's Soulchild,

  • Comment number 20.

    Elimination of corruption in Nigeria??? this is a big dream.
    A country where the practice of corruption is embedded in the family that you can not trust your own brother.
    A country where the word make money means" stealing from your brother, stealing from the government, getting government contract and abandon it, General hospital created on paper but for 10 years no doctors and no nurses employed not to talk of equipment, equipment order for 2 mln dollar but the contractor will buy a 30 year old one for 100000 dollar, roads constructed without access bridge ie if they will ever be constructed , power stations will not be built because importers of standby generator are blocking the process. junior clerks in the banks are taking bribe from costumers just to pay them their cheque not to talk about the branch managers and supervisors who takes percentages from every loan granted. tax colector takes bribe so tax payers could evade paying tax, NEPA meter readers will take bribe so subscribers will not pay their bills, to get admission to university you have to bribe, teachers are take bribe from students to let them pass examination. T the airport you have to pay bribe for your goods to be checked-in and more so you have to give bribe for using the trolley. ahaa i have forgotten about the Police at check points or in the night embarrassing people. hoi hoi hoi brothers/sisters how do you want to stop this viral disease????
    I will not mention the international involvement of the nigerian corruption game. How can you stop corruption in such country.
    When i was in secondary school , my dream was to join the army and stage a military coup because that was what was portrayed to us. Today every little rat in nigeria wants to be a politician because of the image presented by our so called politician but in the real sense they are all thieves and terrorist killing innocent people everyday.
    The only thing that will save nigeria is positive dictatorship like china have or neocolonialism. During the colonial era Nigeria was growing steadily with infrastructures comparable to similar countries even though our masters were taking money to their country. Today we have no masters, but we are are taking the money to them ourselves in different form( raw cash, buying of finished goods, sending our children to study there etc).
    It is a big shame when you hear about Politician saying , I am taking my children, wife, etc to london as they call UK for treatment, shopping etc where they can have all these in In Nigeria if they stop corruption. The most painful is transport of almost dead person abroad for treatment[Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator].
    Dear brothers and sister in the name of Nigeria, lets pray for Buhari to win and Idiagbon to be resurrected if not lets us be hoping for second somali or afghanistan in West africa.
    God bless Nigeria

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    I don't think Nigeria or any other Country can totally control corruption. Here in the US, there is corruption primarily among politicians and lobbyist, but there are systemic legal tools to monitor and reduce those types of situations. Nigeria's corruption problem is beyond overwhelming and it is not just in the government, but all over. A person cannot travel from one city to another without encountering tens of police checkpoints where the sole purpose is to have the drivers and passengers pay money to the police. These are police officers with guns. Those types of corruption can definitely be controlled.
    Also the legal system is on the “pay to play” mode. Anybody with money is above the law if they are willing to pay to get a free pass on their crimes. Speaking from a personal encounter, Nigerian corruption is so blatant that no single thing can be accomplished without a bribe.

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    We can root out corruption from our societies if we are responsible and willing to get the job done.
    Corruption is rooted in social settings and the core of social setting is the family. Protect the family and provide basic needs, education and enforce child protection law,... the result is quality children with better academic achievement...impact nationwide. It is a long term plan but can be achieved.

    Francis Okeny (S.Sudan)

  • Comment number 23.

    Corruption has to be fought from down to top and not the other way round.
    A head without its body can’t do anything. We have to accept the fact that we are the tools for corruption.
    Corruption is a virus planted in third world country; it’s very difficult to find a cure especially where it’s well spread.
    Funny is that it is contagious even the G8 are not immune to it.

  • Comment number 24.

    Oops! That virus called "corruption" is as old as human life creation! Unless we get a perfect man in a perfect world, we cant expect a corruption free man, state and world at large! Even science puts clear that if at all life was perfect there wouldn't be anything to struggle for working, predicting, analysing and all other scientific investigations! So, the same is true with corruption because man himself is not perfect right from the brain, heart and hands! Thus what we only struggle for in fighting corruption is to see to it that we have an ideal situation tolerable to various parties in sharing the limited resources!

  • Comment number 25.

    I enitirely agree with many of my colleagues that Corruption is en rooted in every society. yes , even as a child dad or mom used to give gift for working hard in the farm, achieving good results at school and some times they will do this before hand so to give the child energy. However, we shouldn't,t compare corruption in developing country and most especially like Nigeria with that of Uk, US and other western world. We are talking about a country where corruption is the social norm. take for example the issue of new passport in Nigeria. the government had created an online system of registering and paying for your passport, however , I have not seen anyone that his passport fee was restricted to paying the online official rate of 10000PLN. the standard bribe today is 5,000PLN upwards making it a total of almost 20,000PLN. if you do not pay you will wait until you are tired. In Nigeria nobody is afraid of giving or receiving bribe. in the west there is element of fear because there is a law in place and people try to obey law.
    I Think there is no way you can defend what is happening in Nigeria, we all know that there is no big money in Politics perhaps you resort to stealing and that is to abandon government projects all over the country.
    as long as our level of awareness is so low and poverty high, they will; kill cows, sponsor motorcycle etc and people will forget about investment.
    God bless Nigeria and West Africa, because we know that we will not be able to support ourselves like the tunisians, and now Egypt to carry out a good revolution. Long live cows and goats etc.

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    Nigeria's problem is beyond corruption. The ruling elite especially after the overthrow of Yakubu Gowon, never truly believed in the the idea of Nigeria. They all secretly approach governance as their turn to grab whatever they can before the breakup.

    I still remember a wealthy businessman lecturing me that the money I was protecting by verifying and throwing out fictitious invoices, as a young cashier at a dam project, was not my father's money.

    The man was extremely wealthy having benefited from acquisition of businesses during the indigenization decree. As far as he was concerned, there was no collective future for all Nigerians. It was a matter of creating a peerless class through grabbing of whatever he can of the public's money. No questions will be asked and no laws will touch him.

    It was depressing for a young dreamer. Soon thereafter, I left the country, because I could hear those words play over and over in my head even when they are not spoken.

    Nigeria needs a complete re-orientation and a system put in place that will celebrate the dignity of work and entrench meritocracy. Until a system where entrepreneurship is encouraged and taxed fairly, is in place, which will usher in job creation and skills development, parasitic leaders will continue to hold sway.

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    Only if people take only that, which is rightfully their own. We run into people who think that there are entitled and take away form everyone who is entitle because of need. Donor keep your money and will will never hear this corruption talk.

  • Comment number 29.

    I have seen greed spread like a mountain range, it even surpasses the vastness of the ocean. Society should start a support group called Greedy Anonymous to help those who are corrupt and seem as if they can't help it.

  • Comment number 30.

    Elimanated?? a plain joke, who's going to start the elimination, the so-called members of all anti-corruption commissions are all corrupted, all Africa heads are corrupt, in fact the entire world is corruption. There is corruption everywhere even in the UN. Elimenating corruption is the end of the world, infact no one will even start it. A real joke especially in Africa where every child is going up in a corrupted home.

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    I'm afraid that, at least within our current culture, corruption can not easily be eliminated. Though it is to be expected our politicians are honest and upstanding citizens, they are humans, and it is an unfortunate fact that humans can be very greedy. Only if greed is eliminated, corruption is eliminated. That said, a good watch-dog organization and proper legislation, as well as heavy fines or other forms of punishment when caught, can reduce it to a level that is acceptable under the circumstances.

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    Recently, I returned from Lagos to NYC. At the airport in Lagos, before having to submit my baggage for examination by customs officers searching for contraband (meaning, antiquities), I witnessed an elderly Yoruba woman paying a customs officer a bribe of 500 naira (about $3.30 US) to permit her baggage to pass unchecked. The officer's supervisor was standing next to him and did nothing. The man looked me straight in the eyes as he pocketed his ill-gotten gains. When I offered my bags to be inspected, both officers simply waived me on.
    Corruption exists because the average Nigerian expects to have to "leave something on the table" in order to get by, and because the average government employee is underpaid and suffers no consequences for making the public that he serves augment his meagre salary. The key to eradicating corruption is: (1) paying the courts, law enforcement officers and low-level public officials a salary commensurate with their stature; (2) punishing any judge, court officer, law enforcement officer or other official who appears to be living beyond their means with stiff fines and EXTENDED JAIL TIME; (3) prosecuting and punishing senior politicians most severely for accepting bribes, corrupt payments in kind and gifts, and for involvement in nepotistic acts of all kinds; and (4) educating the public that they should report anyone who asks them for a bribe, rather than paying it.
    Only when the public refuses to submit to such extortion will the widespread practice of corruption and impunity be brought under control. Eradicated? No, never, not even in the US, Scandinavia and Singapore. Controlled? Yes, certainly, and it needs to be for the sake of all Nigerians and Africans.

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    In Nigeria only mass revolution can stop corrupt. Corruption is been pepertuated by people in power like state governors, legislatures,Ministers, costum Chiefs, Army chiefs, Police chiefs, Bank MDs, & people in high places. In Nigeria, corruption is the cancer that is eating up our collective political & economic efforts. There is no cure for cancer but to stop it from spreading. In Nigeria corruption is spreading even to the improvished masses. Edmund E. Ezurike [Personal details removed by Moderator]

  • Comment number 36.

    As we have never been able to completely eradicate TB, Malaria, Polio, illiteracy, ignorance..etc, so is the case with corruption. The hopes and dreams of most people with reasonable mindset is, through political, social and economic progress/reforms/changes for more democratic and more transparent system of governance, it can be brought to an acceptable/controllable/accountable and YES prosecutable level. Greed is one of many factors, but the root cause goes deeper than that. As the saying goes “One-eyed man is a king among blinds", there is a symbiotic relationship between the bribee and the briber, in which the hope of the one-eyed man is, for the blind man to stay blind. On the other hand, due to fictitious or factual reasons , the hope of the blind man is that the one-eyed man continues to guide him through the virtual imaginary "Shark infested waters of a complicated world". What I would like to emphasize is that it is more prevalent, as are most communicable diseases, in societies with less or no economic, social and political infrastructures. Thanks

  • Comment number 37.

    Curruptions will never be eliminated from Nigeria. As a fellow African, I say this first hand, Curruptions is Nigeria and Nigeria is Curruptions. Curruptions is in the D N A of Nigeria. It will take more than four revolutions to come half way in ending the systemic curruptions that is embeded in the Nigeria entire system.

  • Comment number 38.

    As one writer puts it, anyone that tries to fight corruption always ended up being consumed by the same corruption. Widely speaking, corruption is lack of integrity and honesty .The two main types are moral and political corruption. While fighting political corruption, we concentrate so much on financial crimes, which in my opinion constitute less than 20% of corruption that goes in political circles. This is the more reason why attentions had been so much focused on developing countries, including Nigeria. If we look deep into some countries perceived to be above the board, we would discover that the level of corruption that goes on within the political system is enough to crash the economy of the world. This is because the entire world political and social system are built on moral corruption. Consequently, the battle to fight political corruption will be lost, in so far as we continue to ignore moral corruption, which is the main root cause of all forms of political corruption. Ironically, those who are supposed to fight the political corruption have already been consumed by the same corruption. From EFCC of Nigeria, CIA and FBI, MI5, the Police, the members of parliament, the senators or congressmen, the presidents, the prime ministers, the monarchs, journalists, media men, doctors, accountants and auditors, the united nation, AU, to Ecowas, ,. the lists are endless. Going down the line on some other ignored aspect of corruption, which have equally eat deep into our fabric, that is, the members of the public, from immigrants/ visa applicants with fake documents, fake asylum seekers, Tax dodgers and cheats, benefits cheats, scammers, child traffickers, drug peddler, credit card fraudsters, phone and computer hackers and drug traffickers, wife cheats, husband cheats, to corporate account manipulators etc...Now talking politically, stealing of public funds and refusal to sanction those responsible, including banks, institutions and country that allow transfer of stolen money in their countries, Politian who made tax laws that allowed loopholes’, and overt or covert support for dictatorship and repressive leaders Can’t we see that all have already been consumed by the same corruption? Now looking at the definition of corruption, can we all look into the mirror and ask ourselves, are we all guilty or not?. A police officer once said to me, without criminals, all of them would be out of jobs. So what do you expect police officers to do, so as to continue to keep their jobs, pay mortgage and have a nice live? Your guess is as good as mine. Therefore we are all partakers of this scourge. We spent and receive corruptly acquired monies every day. Politian all over the world are products of the same morally corrupt society, they are not from outer space. They run to hold political offices, not for the benefit of the public, but to acquire or protect the already acquired wealth and that of their sponsors. The general Idea is to maintain the status-qou, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. To win the battle against politician corruption, we must all be ready to fight moral corruption first.

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  • Comment number 41.

    i hve visited egypt before and i think is one of the best country in african region as a whole,just that i think the people are tired of the long time government by mubarac nd needs a change of government to see if the new government will be better for their society,i wonder what is going to happen in nigeria if goodluck jonathan is not giving the chance to become the president of the federal republic of nigeria,i suspect it will be war,so pls,pls,pls we need free nd fair election in nigeria,we need goodluck jonathan nd no one else,nigerians have suffered alot in the hands of greedy leaders who re so selfish that they donot care for the needs of the masses they govern,they re only interested in banking the countries funds overseas,nd sending their children to the best schools abroad,nd preserving life time investments for their children,punishing the poor masses who they claim led them into power,it is unfair nd unpadoneable nd i seriosly believe that soon the law of camma will catch up against these group of monsters and vampires we call leaders in nigeria.

  • Comment number 42.

    HI dear : corruption is one of the problematic topic in the world so this virus effect and becomes one of the human daily life. It's seemes no ways to escape , if you seen the problems of states all over the world start by corrupt so first we fight aginst this virus to save our life ....

  • Comment number 43.


  • Comment number 44.

    It does not seem likely that corruption will ever go away for good. Corruption has been part of hour human nature since the beginning. People will always be egocentric, people will always be greedy and people will always justify bending standards for short-term gain. This is where corruption and culture meet, in a series of poor, decetiful decisions made, "just this once," with the actor proclaiming, "Honest, "I/we won't do it again."

    That said, corruption might be here for the long run, but that does not mean a culture, or a country must tolerate it. Corruption will never be elimintated, but a zero-tolerance policy is a good start toward communicating clearly that corruption will not be tolerated. This must be a seroius zero-tolerance, backed up by firm and decisive action. Transparency is also a must. All corrupt cultures have one thing in common, secrecy. Corruption cannot withstand the light of day. When a country truly wants to communicate they do not tolerate corruption, the first principles established and communicated are transparency and free speech.

    Best wishes to Nigeria as it moves forward.

  • Comment number 45.

    Corruption cannot be eliminated, but institutionalised corruption can. Corruption is to Nigeria what terrorism is to the USA. Therefore Nigeria should set up a Camp X-ray like in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba somewhere in the heart of Sahara Desert. That is where indicted corrupt officials should be held and this will act as a deterence.

  • Comment number 46.

    Nigerians are human beings. The difference is that, they are in an untold war. Yorubas hijacked the Federal Parastatals, the Hausas control the currency, the Ibos make the money without tax returns. Each group is aggitating for the the other group to relinguish whatever has been hijacked before compromise.

  • Comment number 47.

    Well, I think the woman was both right and wrong. First the whole system in Nigeria that is putting up a show of fighting corruption is riddled with unimaginable level of corruption. Politics in Nigeria for instance is too much lucrative. How does one justify how much a politician earns in country like Nigeria? That alone is a huge injustice against the country, but funnily it doesn't come under the definition of what corruption is. Many of them get so heavily paid and yet deliver less than nothing while in office. Do we have a system to account for that? If a citizen steals a loaf of bread in the market and you're caught there's a punishment for that, if he doesn't get killed in the prison. But politicians that rigged elections, stole the people's mandate, spent 2,3,4 years in office before the error was finally 'corrected', how does the state account for all the salary he was paid while illegally occupying the office? The contracts he awarded to his family, friends, wife..etc. The same government ostensibly peddling its anticorruption stance is sadly bind to all these form of entrenched corruption. But whenever there's someone opposing a powerful politician the anti-corruption campaign again becomes handy.... [Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]
    We should not fool ourselves, Nigerian government is NOT committed to fighting corruption. The EFCC boss who said that was only been sincere; it's corruption that employed her, how will she fight corruption?

  • Comment number 48.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 49.

    The woman is being pratical but that does not stop her from trying her best to eradicate corruption to a minimun standard and not been encourage as our old tradition gave it thumb

  • Comment number 50.

    Yes, corruption can be eliminated. A God fearing leader can eliminate it. What is impossible with Man is possible with God. Africa needs God fearing leaders.

  • Comment number 51.

    Corruption is endemic in Nigeria, and won't end without a major societal shift. However, I have taught integrity to government agencies and can give the basics: first it has to start with integrity at the top, then, everyone in the government has to be paid a decent wage, third, there has to be a vigorous integrity enforcement agency that is permitted to go after anyone, and will be supported by the courts. In Nigeria, this last group would be bought off, and the whole scheme would collapse--but in other places, it has been proven to work.

  • Comment number 52.

    How can corruption be eliminated when the various governments have no or little commitment towards eliminating it.But it seems to me that in Africa there is little or no difference between gift and bribe and so with this situation some of the public officers collect bribes in the name of gifts.Also we can attribute it to the ineffective and weak public institutions responsible for probing corruption cases and also the politicalization of corruption cases. S I think with these factors still prevailing it would be very difficult to eliminate corruption.

  • Comment number 53.

    Seriously this ''BUG''that has eaten up so deep in our system can be Eliminated.When I was small one of the then head of states had introduced WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE in Nigeria to instilled the dignity of labour and attitudinal behaviour in public places. For instance you don't give and take bribe or pupil don't loiter around when they supposed to be in classes.There was no room for any inordinate actions,offenders were punished appropriately.Kick-back, racketeering and so on were unheard off in the same country called Nigeria, but things suddenly felt apart.In Amnesty International Transparency Nigeria was ranked as one of the most corrupt Country in the world.Through this conduit political class have carved out a niche for themselves to steal the country dry and amass ill-gotten wealth for their generation yet unborn.All of these could be stop, if offenders are sanctioned, rather an offender is elevated to another political office awarded with OON,GCN, ,IMN even celebrated instead of cooling off in jail..I FEEL SAD!

  • Comment number 54.

    One would have to hit the "Restart Button" to eliminate corruption. Its woven into the fabric of mankind. Removable, yes but it would cost the change of heart within everyone. Everyone blames others and without taking a real look at oneself and admitting that we are all selfish and dishonest what does it help? Corruption is here to stay at least for now!


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