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2010 security, merchandise and your great Britons

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Adrian Warner | 10:48 UK time, Tuesday, 16 February 2010

In the last couple of days, I've been out with the Vancouver police looking at how they are trying to make sure the Games are safe.

Walking and driving around the city with Superintendent Warren Lemcke from the Vancouver Police Department, I was struck by the large numbers of people on the streets, well away from the venues. You can see my report below.

It has surprised the police too how many Canadians are simply getting outside to enjoy the Olympic atmosphere.

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Every day there are unbelievable queues outside the city centre store where Olympic merchandise is being sold.

Most people want to buy the bright, red mittens which boast the Olympic rings and Canada's maple leaf.

It's often the mascots which are the most successful seller at Olympics but the mittens win easily here, especially since they only cost around 10 Canadian dollars (£6).

This got me thinking about what London could sell to help boost the Olympic spirit. What do you think?

Now, don't go suggesting baseball caps or socks. We are looking for something more creative. Any ideas?

And the other thing London 2012 must steal from the Canadians is a magnificent moment from the opening ceremony.

The eight people who carried in the Olympic flag were a fascinating group of successful Canadians from all walks of life, including actor Donald Sutherland, racing driver Jacques Villeneuve and astronaut Julie Payette.

Who should Britain ask to do the same job in 2012? They have to be British figures known around the world.

How about Roger Moore ( not just for being a Bond but for his UNICEF work), Paul McCartney perhaps, the inventor Trevor Baylis (of wind-up radio fame), or the actress Helen Mirren?

Or are there people with a much stronger case? Who are our eight Great Britons for 2012?


  • Comment number 1.

    I do not know how Mr. Warner can have any credibility claiming there has been "demonstrators on the streets every day since the Olympics opened."
    He is totally misrepresenting the truth. I work in downtown Vancouver
    and other than the night of the openining ceremonies and the following day there have not been protesters anywhere near the Olympic Venues. Indeed, following the actions of the protesters last Saturday, where property was damaged, the populace has turned on the protesters, and they have not been noticable in the least.

  • Comment number 2.

    I think that bshepp needs to visit the opticians or get his hearing tested or does he believe Mr Warner and his television crew have access to the Tardis and teleported in the people who are quite obviously, unless you are "bshepp", protesting in the streets.

    I think that Mr Warner is doing a fine job reporting the socio economic turbulence caused by a disruptive, be it welcome, influence in an otherwise prosperous nation. There's nothing wrong with a bit of protest and debate.

    Mr Warner is doing a splendid job and appears, contrary to realpersonuk's view in an earlier comment, to be providing the UK licence fee payer with good value for money. After all today he went on a bus.

  • Comment number 3.

    Given the English weather, I would like to propose Olympic 2012 Umbrellas will be a best seller! Great when it pours and can also protect you from harmful rays if by some miracle the sun does shine.

    For the rougher parts of town there will of course be the Olympic 2012 stab vest available in a variety of colours as long as its red.

  • Comment number 4.

    Mr Warner, you ask for our humble opinion as to who would be most representative to carry the flag into the stadium. Alas the group that you propose are so elderly that I would be surprised if they could manage it. I think that you just might be having a cheeky dig at us minions you naughty correspondent. Roger Moore will probably need two viagra and a walking stick to stay up by then, Trevor Baylis of wind up fame - but hardly a recognisable face, and will Helen Mirren be able to keep her clothes on if her acting record is anything to go by?

    Who should we select?

    By all accounts Eastenders is watched by thousands around the world who think that the series represents London life so for starters we'll include some semi suicidal criminal with two failed marriages and a drinking problem, A foreign football manager, fairly representative of British life since we don't seem to breed any of our own, Lord Winston since he seems to be on everything else and is actually a bloody good bloke (except that he likes the Tony and Gordon show!), Katie Price since everything else around the Olympics is likely to be inflated, a Senior Civil Servant so that at least they can claim that at least one of them has done a productive days work for once, Uncle Bulgaria from the Wombles to represent our find tradition of producing Children's Television programmes and for those who remember, Sally James from Tiswas only upperly clad in a denim waistcoat.

    Since we're on about personnel could we launch a campaign to get Lord Sugar voted in as Chairman or President or whatever the Jack Rocket guy does for the IOC, I'm sure he would be much better at it and a whole lot more fun.

    Well, what do you market as merchandise for the Olympics? It used to be a traditional London Bus but now Boris is getting rid of the Bendy Bus that has inflicted the streets of London we could sell those off. Perhaps bricks from the Elephant and Castle development might make suitable souvenirs whilst helping with the removal of one of the ugliest buildings in London. This would be a sales boost for the Stab Vests that Hedley suggests as you would need one to go near it.

    Perhaps tasteful earrings in the shape of the London Eye, providing its working and British Airways aren't on strike (Is it still called the BA London Eye?) Or howabout a really tacky T Shirt with the slogan "My parents went to London to watch the Olympics and all I got was this T Shirt" with matching Union flag shorts. These would be easy to copy and could be sold easily at every street corner with Union Flags which were made in China with the Flag upside down.

    We have seriously though got some great Britons who would be superb candidates for some flag waving at 2012, the problem is they're all dead.


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