A glimpse inside

Wednesday 17 June 2009, 11:08

Adam Curtis Adam Curtis

These are some of the books that will be inside:
The Hidden Persuaders - Vance Packard
Beyond Freedom and Dignity - B F Skinner
The Invisible Government - David Wise and Thomas B Ross
USA - John Dos Passos
Time Out of Joint - Philip K Dick
The Torch - Wilder Penfield
One Dimensional Man - Herbert Marcuse
The Organization Man - William H Whyte
The White Negro - Norman Mailer
The Poems of Matthew Arnold
Reich Speaks of Freud - Wilhelm Reich
NSC 68 - United States National Security Council
The Hidden Persuaders (front)

The Hidden Persuaders (rear)

Advertisements for Myself (front)

Advertisements for Myself (rear)

Experiment With Time


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    Comment number 1.

    Very good to see 'The Hidden Persuaders' in there. My trusted Pelican copy has been lent out on many occasions. Should be required reading. Otherwise a fascinating reading list, very 1950s, clearly markers for Curtis and aids for his fascinating documentaries.

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    Comment number 2.

    Was there an excerpt from Peter Grimes in the sound track? - if I am right, and I am usually not - then although beautiful and atmospheric - it is very British, and thus jarred with the American pop culture theme

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    Comment number 3.

    Why is the BBC blocking the ability to watch the trailers for It Felt Like A Kiss?

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    Comment number 4.

    To gerogevsmum: I wonder Benjamin Britten was indeed British and his music for Peter Grimes may well have been used for emotional emphasis by Adam Curtis for his documentaries. Nearly the entire history of American cinema, and TV, has music that is very Euro-centric at its core. My generation of Baby-Boomers was raised on it. And its still going strong, even in todays pop culture.


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