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The postcards and the truth drug

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Adam Curtis | 12:58 UK time, Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sodium Pentothal is an anaesthetic. But it was also used by both sides in the Cold War as a truth drug in interrogations. It was made by Abbot Laboratories. They used a very strange way to advertise Pentothal. They sent postcards from around the world - the first here is from Rwanda - to doctors in America.

pentathol postcard from Rwanda #1, frontpentathol postcard from Rwanda #1, rearpentathol postcard from Rwanda, frontpentathol postcard from Rwanda, rear viewpentathol postcard from Hawaii, frontpentathol postcard from Hawaii, rear viewpentathol postcard, Spainpentathol postcard from Spain, rear viewpentathol postcard from Mauritius, frontpentathol postcard from Mauritius, rear view



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