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Lucy BA Lucy BA | 16:19 UK time, Thursday, 12 May 2011

Thanks to James Hood for this week's visual representation...


This week's pic is based on Goya's '3rd May 1808' and Brosnan's 'Taffin' 1988.


We found out this week that Mr Roboto is part human. The picture shows Mr Roboto and his conductor friends carrying out a Southern Service style takeover of Ballymoron; protected, here, by man's man Bronholm.


Residents of the town include Australian chimneysweep Lee Hickman, Alan De La Woking and son, who have savagely plucked their nasal hairs and eyebrow, Adam Buxton and his firm buttocks, Senor Fiesta with his baby, PA system and dog and Adam's very long flies, agape.




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