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Joe Cornish Joe Cornish | 13:15 UK time, Wednesday, 16 June 2010



Hello Blog Botherers,


Joe here. Long time no see! How are you doing? What have you been up to? Really?!?! Why the hell did you do that??? That's insane. Christ.


Adam and I just wanted to let you know that we'll have the privilege of presenting three shows as part of 6 Music's Glastonbury coverage this year. We're both really excited about being on air together again, and can't wait to serve you with top notch music and piping- hot, ill-prepared waffle. In fact, we're already hard at work ill- preparing the waffle mix. And although Adam did spill a lot of it on the carpet, he's managed to scrape most of it up, and we think it's probably still useable.


See you at Glastonbury!





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