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Adam Buxton Adam Buxton | 14:22 UK time, Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Blogden Nash!


The first Big Mix Tape with my guest Julian Barratt goes out this Easter Sunday at midday on 6 Music but my producer James and I are still furiously pre-recording before everyone goes away for the Easter break. At the last minute I was able to pin down my friend, world renowned journalist and presenter of bizarre, compelling and sometimes disturbing documentaries, Louis Theroux. I'm aware that I'm getting in a lot of friends for these first shows (all men too!) but when we get properly up and running we'll try our hardest to introduce more variety into the guest rosta.


For the time being though I'm delighted that Louis has agreed to come on the show. I've known him since I was at school with Joe (below is a picture of us looking barely pubescent on new year's eve 1989, along with our friend Zac who wrote a lot of the songs on our TV show). Louis and I have swapped many a compilation over the years and he got me into some of the bands I still love most, so I'm looking forward to hearing what he brings in, and talking to him about what he's been working on and life in general. Your questions for my guests so far have been great (I usually use a good mix of the serious and the stupid ones) so anything you have for Louis would as always be gratefully received and treated with awe and reverence. We tape the show tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and it should be broadcast on April 25th.


Thanks and don't forget to listen on Sunday, and/or download the podcast too. It's early days though, so be gentle!


Love Adam




Adam Buxton Adam Buxton | 13:34 UK time, Saturday, 20 March 2010



Blogden's Nutgone Friends


How are you? I am fine. Last week we recorded the pilot for Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape with Julian Barratt. It was pretty good I think though we haven't finished putting it all together just yet so excessive trumpet blowing would be premature. One of the bits that worked nicely however was a quick-fire Q&A with Julian using many of the questions you so kindly supplied. As we're going to be recording another couple of shows this week, I was hoping to prevail upon your wit and generosity once again for my next set of guests!


The first show we're taping is called Toddler Tunes and features great music that babies and young children would also enjoy (but not just Disney songs, Girls Aloud and Muse). I'm hoping my guests for that show will be Danny & Gaz from Supergrass, a.k.a. The Hot Rats, who are of course no strangers to 6 Music and have over the years made some of my favourite music ever. As with Julian I imagine our conversation will meander ludicrously hither and probably thither (though I'll do my best to stick to the hither) but at some point I'll whip out your questions, Tommy gun like, and pepper them with enquiries!


Then I'll be reunited with decorated pop video genius, Son of Rambow director and the only man ever to stand in for Joe on our radio show: [Garth Jennings][1] (who coincidentally made the joyful Muppet-type promo for Pumping On Your Stereo by Supergrass). I think that show will be called Partytime! (Vol 1) and will be themed around party and celebration music but it's not set in concrete yet. Garth has worked with everyone from REM, Radiohead, Beck, and Vampire Weekend to Eels, Pulp, Blur, Robbie Williams and Sacha Baron Cohen and even Adam 'Buckules' Buxton, so there's a lot to ask him about!


We're taping on Thursday so the quicker you can get some questions in, the more likely we are to incorporate them into our exhaustive preparations! Thanks chaps!


By the way, I'm hoping to come to the Save 6 Music gathering outside Broadcasting House on Saturday 27th at midday. Maybe see some of you there.


xXxoOoxxxXXXoOoooh! Dr Buck


[1]: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer_&_Tongs


Adam Buxton Adam Buxton | 10:13 UK time, Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hello blog pals! Long time no speaky!


As you may have gathered it's been a turbulent few days for 6 Music. Last week I was called upon to say my part on Channel 4 News though apart from inviting Mark Thomo Thompson out for some punching I didn't really say anything very useful. All the stirring and important stuff I'd been planning went out of the window as soon as I heard the man in my earpiece telling me we were live in 5 seconds. After that it was just a question of not weeping or swearing. I really meant to give Black Squadron a shout out but that was one of many things that got away from me on the night. I'll keep you abreast of further efforts to keep 6 Music from closing as they occur.


Meanwhile if all goes to plan Joe and I will be back together for our show later in the year but until then I'm hoping to do a show on my own and this week I'll be recording a pilot for a weekly 2 hour show with our regular producer James Stirling in London. At the moment it's called 'Adam Buxton's Big Mix Tape' (can't help doing the puns, sorry) and it's supposed to be kind of like a compilation tape that I've made for the listeners with a different theme or mood each week. The pilot Mix Tape is called Øddens and features some of my favourite weird but accessible music by both well known and less well known artists. The show is 2 hours so it's divided into two sides with a guest joining me for an hour to add their own tracks and just talk generally about any other rubbish that comes up. This is where I need your help!


For the pilot episode my guest is Julian Barratt from the Mighty Boosh, who is not only one of my favourite actor/comedians but is a big music fan himself and likes weird music almost as much as he loves jazz. I've been compiling a few lists of things that I can use in the show but I'd really appreciate your additions either concise or (slightly) more anecdotal and rambly. Here they are:


1. Questions for Julian. So far I've got 'faves?' and 'worsties?'
2. Weirdest/oddest thing you've done or have had done to you. This is pretty vague, I know, but lazily, I'm leaving it up to you to interpret!
3. Bowie snacks. (eg. Life On Mars bar, Quicksandwich, Revel Revels, Aeros.)
4. New names for paint colours. We're painting our front room at the moment and I've been reminded how ludicrous the world of paint naming can get, my favourite being 'Elephant Breath' (light grey). I need more ridiculous names, either real or made up (please indicate which though) for paint colours. Try to keep them fairly clean...


I may not use all of these in the pilot but if the show goes ahead and becomes a regular thing it would be great to have a few important and informative topics like this rolling from week to week and your input would be invaluable. Do you, like me, always think that the word 'invaluable' sounds as if it means 'not valuable'? To be clear, your input would be VERY valuable.


We're recording the pilot (which we are hoping will be broadcast a few weeks after) this Friday 12th so if you're able to add your suggestions in the comments section before then, I'd be deeply grateful.


Thanks and cheery hey ho hoo ha ho. Ho hoo ha. Adam


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Adam Buxton Adam Buxton | 11:30 UK time, Friday, 5 March 2010

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James Stirling (6 Music) James Stirling (6 Music) | 16:58 UK time, Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Here's something to cheer us all up. Some of you will have heard Adam's Magical Forest song on the show last year. Here it is for you to listen to or to download and keep. Maybe someone would fancy making an accompanying animation? It has the potential to look amazing! Do keep writing to us on the blog, we love to hear from you and I will aim to put more posts up soon.


Adam Buxton - Magical Forest Song


To download, right click on the link and choose 'Save Target As'. (If you're using a Mac it's Ctrl+click)

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