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Lucy BA Lucy BA | 10:24 UK time, Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The splendid pairing of Andrew Collins & Richard Herring will step in for Adam & Joe from this Saturday and throughout February. Who better to continue the tone set by Danny Wallace in cheering us up while Adam & Joe are away? There will be a podcast of the show available on Mondays.


Andrew Collins writes:


'Richard and I have been childishly jealous of Adam and Joe's success and immaculate speaking voices for many years. Now they have gone to Hollywood on the flimsy pretext of having some "other work" to do for a bit, we are only too pleased to jump into their shoes and play with their loyal listeners for the next five weeks. We cannot promise any pets in the studio, but we will be drawing upon the unbalanced enthusiasm of the Saturday morning audience and hoping to create a genial, jumper-wearing Swap Shop atmosphere, like Saturday mornings used to be, in other words. Also, we guarantee never to record a song. You have our word on that.'


Welcome back to Saturday mornings Andrew & Richard and we hope you all tune in from this Saturday!



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