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Jane Long Jane Long | 12:50 UK time, Thursday, 9 July 2009

In case you missed it on BBC2's live coverage, check out this video of Adam and Joe telling some amazing listener jokes in the Cabaret tent on Saturday afternoon at Glastonbury. They went down a storm, as you will see...


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And in other Worthy Farm-related news, Buckules and Cornballs wrote their very own Glastopedia for the Guardian Guide over Glastonbury weekend. Be warned though, some language may offend...


  • Comment number 1.

    Thanks, Jane. Good of you to keep the blog active for us!

  • Comment number 2.

    You missed out all the Stephens! Thanks for video though Jane, Ive been searching the internet for weeks.

  • Comment number 3.


    Thanks for the video Jane! :) When I listen to the podcast, the made-up joke segment is one that I always look forward to!

    And a big YAY for the Glastopedia! I wish I went to Glastonbury - it sounded brilliant! xD

    Cheers Jane, and Adam and Joe, and a big cheer for the Big British Castle!

    Bye-bye! *wavewave* (^_^)/

  • Comment number 4.

    New podcast on the RSS feed isn't working for me. This the same for anyone else?


  • Comment number 5.

    Either everyone in the audience had been enjoying jazz cigarettes or they looked incredibly confused when Buckles and Cornballs appeared.

    I wonder what the chances are that the 4 year old will grow up saying "I was the one who made up all the Poo Monster jokes which were sent read out live on BBC 6 music and at Glastonbury 2009". It is indeed a great achievement and I'd hope they put it on their CV, certainly a job winner.

  • Comment number 6.

    Wow it looked as good as it sounded!!!!

  • Comment number 7.

    I rarely admit this, because people look at me like I must not be quite right in the head when I say this.

    But Glastonbury, in fact all music festivals, or really any event with large groups of drunk people tramping about everywhere, leaving slug like trails of garbage piled up in their wake (RUINING a perfectly good and beautiful grassy green field) and all the rain and mud, sounds like absolute hell (to me anyway, the tramping drunks must have a jolly time with all the littering).

    In fact if there IS a hell, I'm sure there is one corner of it is entirely devoted to music festivals.

    Where you'd spend all enternity queing for everything, be forced to use the most revolting poo-evacuation units, have to wade though piles of garbage and used condoms, be bashed about by moshing drunks and only get the see the very, very end of a great act followed by all eternity of Paul McCartney yowling through a set. [and I KNOW, Paul McCartster is defo going to hell]

    Not even copious amount of illegal substances, would make the whole caboodle bearable. (I don't think you'd be allowed to do that sort of thing in hell anyway. You might enjoy yourself too much).

    But watching or listening to Adam and Joe almost make me wish I was there. They have that enthusiastic magicical quality to make it all seem like a jolly adventure.


    Maybe next year I'll go.
    I mean, I'll think about it.
    I'll try to think about it.
    Well, we'll see.

  • Comment number 8.

    MUST ... HAVE ... TSHIRT ... OF ... STEPHEN!

  • Comment number 9.

    Adam totally won hat wars.

  • Comment number 10.

    Wish I had been there in my Stephen! shirt to see them, looked like fun!

  • Comment number 11.

    Hello to all,

    Although a little late, I have only recently returned to Earth after my time Glastonbury and only now feel ready to reminisce about that lost weekend and share this story. I was really looking forward to some high quality Stephenage over the next five days and on Thursday night I finally plucked up the courage to give it a whirl, my first ever Stephen!... Nothing, the Black squadron must not be interested in East 17 I thought, I will try again tomorrow.

    Friday came and following correct Stepthen etiquette I waited until the band I was watching had finished, I launched into an almighty STEPHEN!... nothing, Im alone... Saturday... Saturday is the day... 9 till 12 - 6 Music... The Adam and Joe Show.

    Saturday morning arrives the sun forcing me to open my eyes, I check the time, 8:30am a smile comes to my face, still awake in time to be part of the black squadron... I can feel it, todays the day... its going to happen. I wait for the perfect moment, STEPHEN!... nothing, Im frantic... STEPHEN!?.. STEPHEN!!!!!... stephen? Nothing, nothing... nothing. My girlfriend gives me a look, three days of Stephening with no reply, my throat is horse, Im broken, I understand, its time to let it go.

    Sunday, the unbearable clank of the toilet doors slamming wakes me up, I check the time, 6:45am, 6.45am! Why did I bother going to bed. The final day, I start to let myself dream, I glance across the tent to see a look telling me you know the pain its caused you... and I agree... no more Stephen, no more.

    After a carefree, brothers filled day we head to the pyramid stage for the last time, Blur are headlining... after a truly great set we start to walk towards the stone circle when I hear it... for the first time this weekend... STEPHEN! Instant reflex, JUST COMING!... not realising just how close we are to the Stepheners, I look up and see we are face to face only 10 yards from each other, the three most beautiful men I have seen in my life. All 5 of us run and jump into a mass group hug... a higher state of consciousness takes over, ooh shwah, my nipples, Text the nation, Text the nation, what happens if I dont want to... it doesnt matter TEXT... do do do do dodo do dodo all laughing we head our different ways.

    This one moment, was without doubt my favourite moment of Glastonbury 2009 and all thanks to the Brilliant Adam and Joe show... thank you Count Buckular and Dr. Sexy


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