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New look to the Action Network site

  • Martin Vogel
  • 6 Sep 06, 11:24 AM

We've introduced some changes to the Action Network site this morning. They're in response to feedback about difficulties new users were facing finding their way into the site. We have a revised and much simplified home page, revised navigation around the site, and a new help forum.

Action Network character

We have aimed to be much clearer on the home page about exactly what Action Network is. In the past, we tried to reflect on the home page the diversity of things you could do with the site whereas now we're really focussing much more on a few things to get you started. You may recognise on the home page and as you browse round the site the little people who made their first appearance in the animated trail about Action Network which has been running on television. Here in the Action Network team, we've taken to these characters and we thought it would give a more welcoming feel to give them an outing on the site.

If you are a registered user, you will also have more control over your own content, as you can now edit notices and events and will also be able to hide any of your content on the site.

The help forum is a place for you to ask questions about how to use the site or - if you're an experienced user - to answer questions and share your expertise. We've provided this as a bit of an experiment and we'll review in a few months whether it's something we'll maintain. We hope you find it useful.

As usual, we'd welcome your feedback on what you think of the changes. You can either leave comments here on the blog or email us at

And while I'm on, I'll take this opportunity to sign off permanently. I'm soon to leave the Action Network team and won't be making further contributions to the blog. I hope you continue to find the Action Network site both enjoyable and helpful.

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  • 1.
  • At 11:04 AM on 24 Oct 2006,
  • Andrew Armitage wrote:

Along with your 'new look', it wouldn't do any harm to have some attention to spelling. I see on the page called the word 'practice' used as a verb and 'program' spelled thus when it's not referring to anything computer-related. And we're told the country is not dumbing down!

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