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Guest Blog - Axis Of on tour!

Tuesday 28 September 2010, 16:55

Across The Line Across The Line

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It's that time again! Where a local band hacks our blog system for their own sneaky purposes. You'd think we'd learn after ASIWYFA managed to infiltrate our site while on tour with Them Crooked Vultures, and Strait Laces found time to wreck havoc during SXSW. Even the lovely Cutaways attempted to take over all the way from Canada.

But this time, we're not surprised at all. Noise mongers Axis Of declared they would cause "destruction... to clubs/bars/venues" on their facebook before heading of on their UK tour last Friday. And it seems they continued this rampage onto our blog...


In all my touring experiences, leaving at an un-godly hour seems to be the norm, obviously it has some benefits but the sheer amount of trips that have consisted in leaving when the streets are cold, dark and depressingly empty is an annoyingly frequent occurrence. I decided that if I didn't sleep I might bypass the horrible feeling of waking up in the worst mood know to humankind , which to an extent worked, but it totally backfired in the sense that I was living like a zombie on valium for the first day of tour.

Edinburgh was up first, and if people haven't already gathered it by our multiple status updates, we like Edinburgh a lot. It is also our first tour in our newly acquired van, which we also like a lot. So with these two things in mind, I was able to get over the mind numbing exhaustion and be happy that we are on the road again. The drive and ferry journey were relatively painless, and due to the early nature of our ferry, we got to the venue with many hours to spare.

In our previous trip to Edinburgh we played a venue called "Bannermans" which was very nice, a tad big for a band on their first venture over but like most places in Edinburgh, a very nice building with very nice staff. The venue we were playing on this tour was called "The Banshee Labyrinth", and as we were loading the gear into the venue, it was hard to escape the fact that this was an extremely small and dark venue, which couldn't have fitted more than 70 people in, which made us extremely excited. It was also the most haunted venue in Scotland apparently, although unfortunately we never experienced anything to suggest that was true. After a lot of waiting about we finally played and, a few technical hitches aside, it was a great gig; even though it was a small room, it was relatively packed, and everyone seemed to love it.

After a well needed sleep and getting stung with another parking ticket (unreasonably, I might add), we made our way to Liverpool, where we are in the middle of spending 3 days writing and recording. Due to some spaces in our schedule we decided it would be good to take some time out, and get a little bit closer to writing the album. So here we are based in Liverpool, doing our best to not spend money needlessly and very much longing to be playing a show, but not long to wait. C yis very soon.



The north coast punks have 12 dates left on the tour, ending at Mandela Hall on the 15th of October supporting the mighty Therapy?

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