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New Tune Disco - Rigsy & Niamh Hegarty - Feb 2014

Tuesday 18 February 2014, 17:32

Across The Line Across The Line

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Niamh Hegarty Niamh Hegarty chats to Rigsy down the line from Cork, about some of the best new music of the past few weeks.


I Am The Cosmos – Wide Awake
‘Big squelchy 115-bpm disco vibes off this track, which makes it right up my street.’
Niamh: ‘I just love the real 80’s vibes about it… I haven’t been able to stop listening to it this past month.’

We Cut Corners – Best Friend
‘It’s a disgustingly catchy track, I can’t get it out of head.’
Rigsy: ‘If you like this then you’ll definitely like their other stuff as well. A very varied band, they make a lot of different rackets and that’s obviously a great thing.’

Drew Edgehill – Nothing Matters
‘We have strangely developed a hip-hop scene over in Belfast…the whole track is proper old-school “gangsta” rap. You can draw comparisons to Dr. Dre and Eminem.’
Niamh: ‘I really enjoyed that, I can’t believe that is someone who is based in Belfast,’

Go Swim – Call Sign
‘Big Foals vibes on the tracks which is no bad thing. That vocal delivery is really frantic which is super engaging.’
Niamh: ‘A Cast Of Cheers influence. It’s great to hear some female vocals in there and see how they work so well with the male vocal.’

The Young Folk – Way Home
‘They are absolutely incredible live and I do think this is a gorgeous track. They are due to play SXSW and I really do think we’ll see and hear a lot more from this year.’
Rigsy: ‘It’s kind of a sweet spot between Arcade Fire and Mumford & Sons.’

Girl Band – Busy At Maths
‘Last time I saw them they were supporting And So I Watch You From Afar, and I though they put on a great show… I think Girl Band could be a top contender for outstanding Irish Band of 2014.’

Land Lovers – Where It Begins
‘ They quite unique. They are apart of the wonderful Popical Island label. There’s just a real sixties vibe there and I don’t think there is anybody else in Ireland who is doing that.’

R51 – Slowhound
‘This is a real big step up. You can tell straight away this is a band at their most confident, definitely found a sound they’re really happy with.  A cleverly produced track.’

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