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Guest Blog - More Than Conquerors Tour Diary Day 3

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Time for our second installment (their third day) in the More Than Conqueror tour diary. What wacky antics are the guys getting up to today? Perhaps Jamie is tucking into some tasty colloquial dishes, Kris may be indulging in local architecture while the two Dannys play thumb wars in the back of the van. I guess we will never know... well until they tell us, just like they will now.


Wednesday 13th

So we had a well deserved lie in this morning (that is in our opinion by the way), Woke up around 11am...and of course...we watched Monsters inc. That's right...Monsters inc.

We hit the west end last night...'The Great Western Road' to be specific and it was awesome. We met a Calfornian, an Irish-girl, a Mexican and a Canadian outside a comedy club, they all go to a university in France. Strange right? So we threw out an invite off the cuff to our gig...they actually turned up. That's promotion at it's best.

We experienced something most touring bands never experience...FREE FOOD. Twas incredible. Veggie burgers and Pizzas all round.

The doors of Bar Bloc opened at 9pm and the music began. The first night of tour was a complete success. Our set went swimmingly and the people seemed to really enjoy it... always a plus.

Bed never seemed so good though. Zzzzz

P.S The black stuff in Glasgow = BOOOOOKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!


More from our friendly neighbourhood More Than Conquerors tomorrow.

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