It would be outrageously rude of us not to mark the release of The Rupture Dog's new single 'Wake Up' somehow, and we can't be having this us, being polite, respectful types and all. So, thanks to Allen from the band, here we are with 'The Making Of....Rupture Dogs' ahead of the Newcastle rock loon's gig at The Limelight Belfast on Thursday night! 


The first record Gareth and I purchased turned out to be a Jesus Lizard album called ‘Liar’. No joke!! We saw it in a charity shop in Newcastle for £1.50!! The last record I bought was the soundtrack to The Commitments for £2. Used, scraped and jumpy from start to finish. Totally let down. 

Motorhead, Ulster hall in 2001 was my first ever gig. I was 12 years old, petrified and standing in a queue surrounded by punks drinking big bottles of Scrumpy Jacks. As soon as the band started playing, I knew I needed to do something like that. It was the loudest thing I had ever heard. I still remember it as one of my favourite gigs.

The first musician that made me want to start playing was Louis Armstrong. I played trumpet from the ages of 4 – 14 and had a great tutor that actually taught me what I wanted to play! Good olde Mr Burch.

The last gig all of us got to watch together was Bellos, Gaceys Threads and Safe Ships at Warzone just before we played. Fantastic bands.

The last album we listened to together was ‘Like Clockwork’ by QOTSA. It’s fantastically good, however it does make you feel extremely inadequate as a player, performer and for me as a singer.  But we at The Rupture Dogs camp have decided that until you let some Deftones into your life, it is not complete.

The one act we would happily share the stage with every night would be LaFaro. Now that we’re a 4 piece I think we could give those old timers a run for their money as the loudest band in the country.

If I could have anyone in the world join our band, it would be Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud. Not to actually do anything, just for me to look at....

Quite sure the first cover version we ever tried was ‘GLORIA’ by Van Morrison. For what reason, I don’t know. There was definitely ALOT of beer involved. Then we covered ‘20th Century Boy’ by T-Rex for last year’s festival season. It was great fun. Riff Riff Riff.

Not many people know, but Gareth’s favourite band ever is Boyzone. No joke, he has all of their albums and posters round his room. It’s a bit weird to be honest....


The Rupture Dogs play The Limelight, Belfast this Thursday (20th June) to mark the release of new single 'Wake Up'.

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