One of our fave bands in recent years are (like an incresing number) from the north coast. Axis of are on the road once again and just sent in a wee update just in case their mammies were getting worried.


Just keeping everyone updated. We are in the midst of our first European tour, its been going really well. Unknown bands are definitely treated a lot better than they are in the UK. Not that we don't like the UK, its just a welcome change of scenery.

The first venue we played was called JC De Kilnker (Aarchot) and it had a skate park out the front of it, which we made the utmost use out of. Asides from that the gig's have been going really well and we're looking into booking the next tour already.

Just before we made our way across the channel tunnel, we popped into the Kerrang offices to do a quick video podcast. Everyone was very nice and we managed to get in and out quickly without paying for extortionate parking (50p for 5 minutes). Here's a link to the video now.

In other news the final confirmations for Glasgowbury have been made this week and we're very pleased to say that we will be playing it again this year. Last year was one of the best gig's we've ever done so we're extremely excited, it also marks the last gig we have before we go into record our Album. So stay tuned.

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