Ballet School’s Debut Album For Autumn Release

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Berlin-based trio Ballet School are set to release their first full-length album, entitled ‘The Dew Lasts An Hour’, on the 8th September this year through the Bella Union Label (Also home to Cashier No.9).

Made up of members of various cultural backgrounds, they have previously enjoyed success with their EP ‘Boys Again’.

Talking about the sound of the record, Irish vocalist Rosie Blair says “We’re not a synth band, we’re a guitar band, but one that’s trying to push the boundaries of the traditional set up. We write pop songs. I never thought pop music was a lower form of art. We actively try to play with the model of mainstream pop against what indie is supposed to be and find our own new form. And though I love laptop pop, it’s vital that people witness our energy, that punk lust, when we play live.”

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    It will have one off the most entertaining videos and the most dazzling tracks. The great opneing will carry to trumpet the music castle of the town of the people who love to hear avaery amazing sound.

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