On this week’s show, local DJ and music journalist Jonny Tiernan joined Rigsy to chat about some interesting new releases.

3D Shark – My Name is Brian Clough
Jonny: “It’s a bit quirky…”
Rigsy: “Rather timely with the World Cup coming up…”

New Blue Death – Big City Dreaming
Rigsy: “From Spain, North America and Northern Ireland. Completely based in Seoul.”
Jonny: “It’s a good story.”

CQD – Degrees
Rigsy: “We’re both big fans of CQD.”
Jonny: “It’s a killer chorus.”

The Left Backs – Fake ID
Rigsy: “It’s a really strong song. Super catchy.”

Bee Mick See Ft. Yellowbridge – Love
Jonny: “It’s just really raw and bare. That’s why I like him.”
Rigsy: “His stuff has a bit of soul.”

Rhinos – Rhino
Rigsy: “It’s that sort-of gnarly two-piece rock & roll.”
Jonny: “It’s a really back-and-forward, energetic dynamic.”

The Crayon Set – Attack
Rigsy: “Now an 8-piece. Bigger is better…”
Jonny: “That’s the first time I’ve heard them.”

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