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ATL's Track for the Day #348, Saramai

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Saramai - Trees

Friday 30th September, 2016

They say:

Trees was the first song I wrote with more than voice and piano in mind from the very beginning. I could hear textures and colours as much as melody and harmony. Over the last year it has evolved as Aimie and Cormac brought their own creativity to the track.

We had an amazing experience recording it one afternoon in the stunning Attica studio in the wilds of Donegal. The recording is completely live, one take with no overdubs.”

We say:

“The keening voice of Saramai Leech, an agitated piano and relentlessly hissing cymbals - what could possibly go wrong? From this portentious introduction, the song wows and wibbles and finishes as a huge invocation to some unguessable cosmic theme.”

Alt-euphoric act Saramai are currently playing a string of live dates - keep an eye on their Facebook page for full listings. 

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