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New Tune Disco - Rigsy & Jonny Tiernan - June 2014

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On this week’s ATL, regular contributor Jonny Tiernan returned to Studio 8 for a back-and-forth with Rigsy on some brand new music.

Go Wolf – One More Night
Rigsy: “A band and a track we’ve played a lot on the show.”
Jonny: “I love everything about Go Wolf.”

Saturday Night Gym Club – Commander
Jonny: “Kind of like a twisted, house-influenced electronica…”
Rigsy: “It’s on my wavelength.”

Matchbox Sunday – Perfect Match
Rigsy: “There’s a really nice sheen to this.”
Jonny: “It’s really good.”

Mike Mormecha – Mix Tapes
Rigsy: “This is just absolutely wonderful.”
Jonny: “A bit of a change of direction for him.”

Like A Hawk – I Wish
Jonny: “It’s pretty much just pure rock and roll.”
Rigsy: “You can set your watch to this track.”

Carriages – Roots
Jonny: “This is apparently the sound of ‘forests, beaches and abandoned rooms…’”
Rigsy: “Yeah, I really like this.”

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