Queer Giraffes - Going Away
Rigsy: “I absolutely love it. This is Steven Toners project…  he’s got sort of a big social circle or fan-base of his own even before you consider Queer Giraffes.”
Chris: “They don’t really gig all that much, but when they do it tends to be a bit of a celebration.”

The Hard Ground - Coin Toss
Rigsy: “Plenty of ambition for that lot.”

Girl Band - De Bom Bom
Rigsy:  “Apart from the fact it’s absolutely awesome.”
Chris: “They kind of rip up the rule book in the way that they play their instruments…  Dara Kiely the vocalist who looks like a really mild mannered young man… but the noises that come out of his mouth, he’s kind of like Mark E Smith….”

TOSKA - Playforms
Rigsy: “A hugely progressive ambitious track... It just really, really blows me away when you hear something as massive sounding as this.”
Chris: “It’s good to know the guys are back. What they’re doing now, just on the basis of this track isn’t a million miles away from Annapurna.”

MYLER- Gorilla Biscuits (SHORT BREAD EDIT)
Chris: “Ruthless, heads down banging techno.”

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