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New Tune Disco - Rigsy & Steven Rainey - June 2014

On this week’s ATL, RPM presenter Steven Rainey popped by for a back-and-forth with Rigsy on some brand new music.

The Answer - Spectacular
Steven: "I’m just a big fan of them... to make classic rock like that work … they make it look effortless."

Paddy Hanna - Rattling Chains
Steven: "It’s got that kind of Pavement American college rock feel to it…he’s got a lot of personality and I think it really carries it off."

Little Boy - Little Boy
Rigsy: "I thought that this was pretty kind of edgy….He had taken quite a traditional sound and there was something a bit little skew wiff in the best possible way..."

Stevie Mac - Bonnie and Clyde
Steven: "It’s very satisfying to listen to – I like this kind of music… and it’s just great to see him really making accomplished song writing like this."

Acid Nab - It's Just The Way
Rigsy: "It’s very Acid Jelly... natural sound effects, weird instrumentation, really fun sound."

Project Phoenix - Fiddlesticks
Rigsy - "There’s a weird discordant vibe to it and I love that."
Steven: "A kind of slightly melodramatic feel – there’s even a wee hint of almost early Plastic Rose in it… "


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