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The Making of... Window Seats

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ATL | 14:43 UK time, Thursday, 8 November 2012

Window Seats


We've made a real point of how Northern Irish bands have an impressive work ethic these days - they're willing to tour, produce videos, do press and generally make sure their name and music is out there. Step forward the perfect example - Window Seats. Last night, the kings of the poppy riff played the last date of their Irish tour, about to take hold of England and Scotland, are celebrating another notable release and video for 'Juliette's Letter'. Taking time from a busy schedule then, is one Jude McCaffrey, singer and vocalist. Over to you Jude, explain what makes you lot tick....



The first record I bought was Presidents of the United States' self titled album. It's still lethal! The first single I bought was 'The Bartman' and it hasn't aged so well. The last record I got was Elbow Dead in the Boot.

The gig that made me want to be in a band was seeing Radiohead on their Kid A tour. It blew my mind and I wanted to be in a band from then on. But watching J Mascis inspired me to start performing. His style made me realise a frontman didn't have to be the flamboyant stereotype and that beating out the songs with passion is the most important thing.

As a band we get to see loads of great new acts together when we're playing. Last night we saw a great acoustic performer called Tom Ryan in Limerick. The last gig when we were all together and just out for the night was seeing Seven Summits

The last record we all listened together to was the Black Keys El Camino. Stuck it on in the van, great driving music! We have pretty different tastes individually in the band but we can always agree on Nirvana.  

Droids are a class band and a great bunch of lads. They're on the bill for three of our tour dates, we'd have em on all fifteen if we could. 

We've written loads of string parts for our next year's releases so if we could pick anyone to join the band I'd have to say Vyvienne Long on rock-n-roll cello! 

The first cover version we tried was "I Believe In Father Christmas" by Greg Lake. We did it for the ATL Christmas Carole a couple of years ago. Of the covers we've done the vast majority are Christmas songs! Having said that, we've been pulling out Radiohead's "Street Spirit" at some of our longer shows on tour. 

Our guilty pleasure is David Guetta, when we made our video for 'Juliette's Letterwe watched "Titanium" loads referencing the cycling shots. It grew on us! 


'Juliette's Letter' is out now. Window Seats tour England and Scotland throughout November - dates are here.


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