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The New Band Smell - Fat Actress

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ATL | 10:08 UK time, Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fat Actress


It's time to ramp it up to 11 again on ATL with another nice and noisy new band smell with Carrie Davenport. Seeing as it's nearly halloween, it's the perfect time to don the necro face paint, carve some pumpkins and make it metal!

Stand With Heretics - Guttersnipe
Wearing their love of Pantera proudly on their sleeves, Stand With Heretics will definitely appeal to fans of the greatly missed Dimebag and his cohorts! They're from Downpatrick rock city - well it is home of NI rock legends the Answer so they're clearly putting something in the water to keep the locals brewing up some good old fashioned rock tunes.

Espial - Key of Solomon
With ex-members from Belfast bands These Are The Clouds and Kiriath, these guys fuse a melodic mix of black metal, prog and post rock into epically proportioned tunes. They're heavily instrumental but looking for vocalists to work with in future which could be a great addition to their sound. If you search their name online you'll find a scottish folk band, so to make sure you find the right Espial, go to espial.bandcamp.com.

Fat Actress - Grubby Hans
We'll not lie these lads are filthy - well their lyrics are but sure we'll forgive them this once. Having recently supported the likes of Every Time I Die and previous new band smell patrons such as Ilenkus, Murdock and Gacys Threads, we think that will give you a good idea of their sound. Energetic hardcore/metalcore from Cork, they may share a name with a dodgy Kirstie Alley TV show, but we're pretty sure Kirstie couldn't handle these riffs! (ya never know though!)


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