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The Making Of....Here Comes The Landed Gentry

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ATL | 11:34 UK time, Friday, 12 October 2012

Here COmes the landed Gentry


It's not been that long since Here Comes the Landed Gentry called it a day in 2010, it just feels like ages cause we've missed them so much.The good news is these whiskey drinkin', good time giving Derry loons are back for a couple of reunion shows and all for a very good cause. They'll play Sandinos, Derry on Thursday Oct 18th with a second, final show at The Cellar Bar, Draperstown on Sat 20th.

To celebrate, we spoke to key member Phillip 'Wally' Wallace (also known as percussionist in Cashier #9) to find out just what makes this collection of hallions tick....Over to you, Wally....


My first record?? Hmmm Status Quo, 12 Gold Bars, ye canny beat a bit of "Down Down" deeper and down after a few bass shandies!

As for last record - Django Django, definitely one of the best this year, caught 'em in the Limelight, they were class, great to see Vinny doing well too!

I went to a load of concerts when I was a long haired teenager, seen some amazing bands. Pantera (supporting Megadeth) at the Ulster Hall, that's when I knew I wanted to play drums professionally! It was an immense show, so much raw energy, still haven't regained my hearing fully after climbing up the front of house, stage left, never made the stage though. But it was John Bonham inspired me to pick up the sticks, he is the master, the end.

Its been a while since HCTLG last all listened to a band together, we would've done so a lot when out on the road in the van, I'd say it was probably Chronicle by Creedence Clearwater Revival on original cassette, it was never off. Looking forward to the G Sess on 20th Oct (2nd and final reunion show) - we'll probably dig that tape out for that trip! We used to do a version of a Creedence tune "Run Through The Jungle" and get lost in the groove for about 10mins, class track!

I think the first cover we did though was Strychnine by the Sonics. The last? Roxette by Dr Feelgood.. two classics!

I'd say the localish act we'd love to share a stage with every night would be Dublin's The Mighty Stef, fantastic band, amazing songs!! But if we could have any musician join the band I'd go for Booker T. Jones, his organ playing is something else!

As of a guilty pleasure...Bazza Manliow, "He's been alive forever and he wrote the very first song", big statement, says it all really!

The 2 reunion shows are fundraisers for a friend in need, that's why we're doing em.. plain and simple.. Hopefully we can rally enough troops on Thurs 18th Oct at Sandinos, Derry and on Sat 20th Oct at The Cellar Bar, Draperstown to help make a difference.. Anybody out there who likes us hallions....

It's been a while! Try and come to both! We're gonna rock, sweat and drink extra hard! Doubt ye'll see us again!!

Here Comes the Landed Gentry Reunion Gigs:
18th Oct - Sandinos, Derry
20th Oct - Cellar Bar, Draperstown



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